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Kayak Kona Side
February 21, 2008
More Royal Gardens
February 23, 2008
I was having troubles with work so I decided to take the day off and expend some physical energy.  I got in the car and
went over to
Kona side (white line).  First, I kayaked at Kawaihae, but that was kind of boring so I reloaded the kayak
and explored my way down to
Puako Bay (magenta line).
On the way over, I got these pictures
Mauna Kea
A catamaran coming out of the boat
basin at Kawaihae
Monohulls (one hull) less stable than the others but good handling
Trimaran (three hulls)
extremely stable and good handling
Catamaran (two hulls)
very stable but not-that-good handling
Exploring from Kawaihae to Puako at
Kanekanaka Point near Hapuna
.  Definitely 4WD.
The Kilauea update page was telling me that the lava was even closer to Royal Gardens and so I decided to try again to
get to the top.  This time I left much earlier so that I would have enough time to get there.  First I overlaid the latest map
into Google Earth and marked the locations where the lava ended and put them into my GPS so I'd have some idea
where I was going when I got out there.
For reference, I've included the 12-20-06 hike (pink line) and the hike from the 17th (pink line up to "Rest", light green
line back down from) where I didn't even make it as far up the hill as I did last December.
Well, I didn't make it this time either but at least I made it farther up the stupid hill!  It's just really hard hiking!.  It took me
4 hours to get up (green line) and 2 1/2 hours to get down (magenta line).  I turned back at "Turn Back" but then
decided to give it one more try but only got as far as "Turn Agin".  One thing I discovered was that the umbrella I carried
in case of rain turned out to be excellent sun shade since there was absolutely no shade out there at all and it was HOT!
 Note all the breaks and rest stops on the way up and only a couple on the way down.
I'm trying to get to the top of the hill above the vegetation center left.  If you look closely, you can see a whiter cloud at
the ridge line.  That's it.
Here's a look up the hill I'm trying to climb.  The smooth lava is pahoehoe, the rough stuff is A'a and is all loose and
clinkery and SHARP!  One does not want to walk on
Another look up the hill.  This is getting ridiculous!