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Kayak Honaunau Bay
January 9, 2008
These are tracks of my kayaking in the bay.  Colored spaghetti for you just to differentiate the tracks a little.  I started
out with the green line which I changed to the rust-colored line as I came back in.  The rust line changed to cyan, then
purple, and then orange where I went in for a rest.  I went back out (yellow line) when the dolphins showed up and I
drifted around trying to catch them in photos until they left and I came in for the day (magenta line).  All-in-all 4 miles of
I had some problems with my computer and had to wait for Microsoft to call me back so I took
off and went to do some kayaking - at
Pu'uhonua O Honaunau this time
The dolphins came by for a visit.  I caught these two jumps but missed a ton of really great ones!
Kayak Hookena Bay
February 7, 2008
Robin was over on Kona side for the week working so I went over on Thursday to meet her.  I stopped at Hookena Bay
and got the kayak wet before I went to Ray and Ellen's house to meet up with them.
My route at Hookena, green line out, magenta line back
And then on to Ray & Ellen's house
As usual, not many pictures while kayaking because my hands are full but I stopped for this panorama.  Hookena Beach
is over on the left side.  That big cliff in the middle is all collapsed shoreline...
Boat trip from Honauanau
February 9, 2008
On Saturday, Ray received the new springs for his boat
trailer.  While he and I put them on the trailer, the girls
packed lunch and we went fishin'!
We headed south along the coast (green line), following
the 300-foot depth with the intention of catching
Ono.  We
got down about even with Ray's house before we turned
back (magenta line).
Lave flow with roads across
Lava tubes
Lava flow with goat paths across
Same lava flow, different angle
This is an old Hawaiian village.  You can see old stone walls and a "heiau", the
big platform made of stones used for worship.
I hate these people...