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A Day With Robin & Leber
July 4, 2007
Robin was over on the Kona side of the island hanging out with her son, Leber, before she took him to the airport.  He
was going to Spain for 10 days to a friend's wedding.  She called me and invited me over so I drove over (white line) and
met them in Kailua-Kona.  We took her Jeep (green line) and went to spend the day at Kiholo Beach...
Leber's a fish.  Take him to water and
he jumps in and pretty much stays
there.  He surfs a lot and many times
you'll catch him sitting on the rocks just
staring at the ocean...

The black rocks are lava, the white
rocks are coral.
That's Maui in the distance, some 55
miles away.  Haleakala, the dominant
extinct volcano on Maui measures
10,023 feet high.  That's 1.9 miles.