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Kilauea Panorama
June 3, 2007
I've always been frustrated by the fact that to get a good picture of the Kilauea Caldera, it took
4 pictures.  I discovered I had a program that stitched photos together to form a panorama.  
This is what resulted...
Mauna Kea
June 5, 2007
A clear day and Mauna Kea was out.
<--This was taken from the road
somewhere between
Pahoa and
Keaau as I head into Hilo.
This was taken from the Wal-Mart
parking lot in Hilo.-->
Steam Plumes
June 14, 2007
March 20, 2006
East Lae'apuki entry
June 2, 2006
East Lae'apuki entry
October 9, 2006
East Lae'apuki & East Ka'ili'ili entries
June 14, 2007
Poupou entry
A comparison of how the ocean entries have moved around since we've been here.  Use the green house with the red
roof on the horizon or the clump of trees on the right for reference
More Lava
June 16, 2007
Keeping with my notion to keep hiking out and checking the lava flows, I headed out again.  I started out heading for the
Poupou steam plume but changed my mind and  went toward the bottom of
Royal Gardens, at the bottom of the hill.  
This was where the reports said the lava was going from so I'd decided to start "upstream" then head down.  I
encountered hot surface lava in the upper area where the former streets of Royal Gardens (white straight lines) are
covered by the lava.  I then worked my way downstream to the ocean.  After I left the first area, there was no indication
whatsoever of any lava in the area until I got to "Warm", then "Smoke", then "Hot Hot", "Hot", and "Hot".  It was, obviously
very hot in this area and I could look down through cracks and see the lava right below me.  It was a little scary there for
a while until I managed to get out of that area and continue on down to the coast.
This is the parking area where all the hikes begin.  When I first started coming
out here last year, there were hardly ever any cars here.  The other night when I
got back, I counted 25 cars.  It's really gotten popular and there are people all
over the place like tiny little brightly-colored ants in the black lava field.
In a beam of sunlight through a break
in the clouds, you can see the shiny
new lava and smoke coming from the
hillside where the lava is flowing down.
Can you imagine what kind of forces
would be involved to create a
formation like this?  I would guess that
the top of it is about 20 feet high...
Live lava, oozing along...
MOVIE (31.3 MB)
Click image to download
I stuck my foot there so you can have
some sense of scale, but it doesn't
give you the depth very well.  I would
guess that's about a foot deep...
It finally got so hot around here, I had to get out.  I discovered that there was a
delayed reaction where I would feel the heat through my boots well after I got
out of the area!
Looking back...
This, as you might guess, is the area marked "Smoke".
Interestingly, it wasn't hot here