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Boat Ride w/ Ray & Ellen
May 28, 2007
Today we went back to Waipio Valley again.  Leber had decided to move there and Robin and I went down to visit and
help him get set up.  On this trip, Leber showed us a new way out from Linda's house and we spent some time at the
beach.  Robin and I had a thoroughly incredible walk down to the end of Waipio Beach.
More Maui as we continue north up the road to Waipio Valley.  The last picture is from the top of Waipio Valley, at the
left of the picture.
I was at home, working, like a good little boy, when I got a phone call from Robin.  She was over at Ray and Ellen's
house and informed me they were going out on Ray's boat.  I asked them to wait for me then dropped everything and
raced over to
Pu'uhonua O Honaunau where Rays puts his boat in.
This is our trip in the boat.  The yellow line is our path out and the magenta line
is our path back.  The loops you see just south of Honaunau were where we
saw dolphins on the way down and looked for them on the way back.  The loops
in the magenta line just north of that is where Ray spotted and school of fish
and we circled back to see if we couldn't catch one.  Whenever moving in the
boat, Ray always has two lines out, trolling.  He's never caught anything while
I've been on the boat but we did get a nibble today!
Not long after we started out, we saw these pods of dolphins.  There were
several large groups swimming around.  They weren't jumping or anything but
it's fascinating to watch them fly in formation!
Ellen keeping the sun off.  We were
wondering what the SPF rating was.
Lava tube
More lava tubes.  At one time, there were rivers of hot lava flowing through these.  Lava tubes can get quite large, easily
big enough to walk in, like the ones in
Kula Kai.
One the way down, we poked along
the coast, checking things out.  When
we got to a cove which Ray proclaimed
was called "Ray's Cove", we anchored
the boat and went snorkeling.  On the
way back, we took a more direct route
2 miles south of Honaunau, there is a ancient Hawaiian heiau (place of worship)
When we got back to Honaunau, they
had the outrigger canoes out.  The
build them right there (under the tarp
you see in the right photo).

photos, it doesn't mean we didn't have
a lot of fun.  As a matter of fact, the
fewer the photos, the more fun we
probably had because I'm too busy to
take pictures!
Waipio Valley again
June 2, 2007
In Hilo, there's Mauna Kea up ahead.  We're on the oceanfront road in Hilo with
downtown Hilo on the left and Hilo Bay on the right.  The parked cars on the
right are people fishing in the bay.  It's beautiful!
And this is the island of Maui!  This
was taken at "Maui 287 WNW" where I
took a bearing with my GPS.
More Maui as we start down the hill into the valley.  In case you forgot (see page 13), the road down is a 25% slope (25
feet down for every 100 feet horizontal).  The steepest grade you'll ever encounter on the highway would be 6%.  The
steepness of the grade
requires that vehicles be 4WD and use low range as they travel this road!
Note the utility lines going down the hill with the road.  There are other lines going straight down the side of the valley.
Robin and I walked all the way down the beach to those cliffs at the end.  We had to ford that river coming out of the
valley which required getting wet so I couldn't bring my camera.  It was an absolutely enchanting walk...
We had Leber take more pictures of us duplicating the ones he'd taken of us last year, just to see the difference.  What
do you think?  It wasn't until I was looking at these much later that I realized I'd forgotten my glasses!
Going up the hill again, I grabbed one more shot of
the beach and where we walked.  We went as far as
we could in the water that was lapping up against the
we could in the water that was lapping up against the