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New Lava
May 21, 2007
Coming back from visiting Marty & Donna in Hawi, I mentioned that I'd called the Kilauea hot line and was told there was
a new lava flow.  After getting home, I checked it out on the
Internet and discovered that the flow was from the bottom of
Royal Gardens and entered the ocean at Poupou.  This looked to be closer to home than any of the other flows had
been so, of course, I had to go check it out.  In the image above, I've shown my path (white out, red back) to the new
flow.  For reference, I've included the locations of the other lava ocean entries.
These were taken at "1st Lava", only 1.32 miles from "Start".  By comparison, the East Ka'ili'ili entry, the previous
nearest flow was 1.76 miles, almost a half mile further.
This was taken at "Lava"
This was taken at "More Stick".  I was
close enough to stick my hiking stick
into the lava.  Is that close enough?
It's fairly flat here so the lava moves
very slowly - just oozes along
This was pretty much "been there, done that" for me so I turned around and went home.  I didn't think I could take any
pictures that were any different than ones I'd taken before.  I'd established where the flow was, which is what I'd set out
to do.  I can easily come back later as things change.  As a matter of fact, we'll be coming back here in just a few days...
Mauna Kea from Hilo
May 24, 2007
I was in Hilo on some business at the
Public Works Department and took
these shots from the parking lot.  Most
of the time
Mauna Kea is hidden by
clouds because it's so tall that it
catches them.  Every once in awhile
you get this excellent view...
Waipio Valley
May 25, 2007
Remember Waipio Valley?  We haven't been here for a long time but things happened that allowed us to make another
trip to Linda's house in the back of the valley.  Robin's son, Leber, was considering moving there to help Linda out with
the care and maintenance of the property.  Linda is getting on in years and isn't able to get around much any more and
Leber is going through a change in life and thought we could use the time to disappear into the valley to contemplate his
navel and ponder his future.  Besides, what could possibly be the downside of living in a place like this?
Over the river and through the woods
to Linda's house we go...
We went in two cars:  I rode with Leber
in his Jeep Cherokee while Cathy rode
with Robin in our Jeep.  This allowed
me to take pictures of the girls fording
the rivers.
I think this is really cool!
If you download these pictures then play them back fast, you have a little movie!
Now we drive up this river for
a ways...