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Trip to Oceanview
April 7, 2007
I had to drive across the island to inspect a cesspool installation in the Kula Kai View Estates.  On the way and back, I
took the opportunity to do a little exploring and sight-seeing.
On the way home, I came to a sharp right curve in the road.  There was a side road that went straight, going steeply up
the side of a hill.  So I took it (red line).
Today Robin and I took her son, Leber, out to look at the land in Halepuaa.  We followed the same path that Robin,
Cathy, and I had followed on
3/29.  This time we wanted to get a sense of how much coastline was included with the
property.  I marked "PL" with my GPS where I estimated the property line was, then hiked until the GPS told me we had
covered 2000 feet, approximately the distance given on the plot plan.  After I got home, I noticed that the length of the
coast on the property is something over 2100 feet, which would have been about right.
I had read in a guide book that there was a vantage point from which you could see the Pu'u O'o vent so on the way
over I stopped off at the place marked "Pix" and took these shots.  
Pu'u O'o is where all the lava is coming from these
days, running down the other side and into the ocean.  I'm planning hike out to the vent one of these days.
On the way home, this is a view of
Na'alehu from the top of the hill where
the road went up.
And this is the view from the "Scenic Overlook" above Whittington Beach Park.  The smoke you see coming from the
ridge is from the
Pu'u O'o vent.
Another Halepuaa Hike
April 8, 2007
Leber & Robin at the beach
No, it's not albino.  It's dead and got
bleached by the sun.
The shore we walked along.  Not eactly
a walk in the park!
Leber contemplating.  His mom loved these shots...  She uses them as
wallpaper on her computer
Back at our "beach".
Download all these pictures then play back in a slide show with the delay set at about a half a second...
Here is an overlay of all our explorations of the property to date.
Finish Path @ Halepuaa
April 11, 2007
When Robin and I had gone out on April 1 (red line and waypoints), I had forgotten to turn on my GPS tracking until we
were already on the path.  Today I decided and fill out the blank space on the map.  We'd had a lot of trouble finding the
trail, marked by faded surveyor's tape so I thought I'd do a little more exploring to see if I couldn't located the path
better.  I ended up reaching dead-ends where I couldn't find the trail ahead ("
???" and "Last Flag").  I got a late start,
after 4:00 PM, so I only had so much daylight to work with.  At 5:40, it was starting to get dark in the woods so I turned
back at "
Last Flag 2".