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Explore Seaview Power Lines, etc.
April 3, 2007
This was one of those days that was so nice that I couldn't stay in the house so I decided to take a little drive and do
some exploring.  First, I wanted to see if I could find the other end of a road that I'd seen when I'd been hiking the
3/27) (magenta line).  Then I wanted to see if I could follow the power lines that come into the back of our subdivision,
This is another lot that's been staked out near the turn-around where the cars
park.  He doesn't look like he's in any hurry to build a house.
First I drove all the way down to the end of the road at Kaimu - where the cars park for the hike out to the lava ocean
entries.  I managed to find the road that led to the sea that I saw when I was hiking the
kipuka.  "Ocean" is the mark I
made today, "Road" is the mark I made when hiking.  On the right-hand image, I also show the path I hiked (white line for
the walk out, red line for the walk back).  Then I stopped in and checked out the house under construction out there in
the lava field to see what progress had been made since the last time I looked.
Then I wanted to check out where the power lines went that fed into the back of my subdivision (red line).  This was a
little frustrating because I couldn't get out!  The track along the power line was gated on both ends but I managed to get
around the "Gate Out" at the top of Seaview subdivision.  But the other end was gated as was a side road I found.  So I
had to turn around and come back the same way I came in, something I am always loath to do!
This is what the road down to the ocean looked like.
This guy's making progress.  When I was here last, all there was were the piers.  I think this house should be able to
withstand both tsunamis and lava flows.
This is the driveway - just a bunch of dirt dumped on the lava to fill in the worst of the holes...
An old fence half buried by the lava
I got stuck here.  A combination of the steep
slope, the loose rocks and those big holes in
either rut.  I finally got unstuck and managed
to get through by staying way over to the
left.  The fact that the Tracker has a really
short wheelbase and really narrow width
really helped.
Looking back down the road
This is at "House & Road.  I had to cut
through here to get to another road
that is sort of behind that dump truck.  
The road, unfortunately, ended up
being gated at the end.
On my way back out.  If you look real
close, you may be able to just see the
yellow gate at the end of the road
leading into the top of Seaview
I went by this place where the guy was
building a really nice boat...
Sunset at Seaview
April 6, 2007