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Find Property in Halepuaa
March 28, 2007
Robin came across this piece of land for sale in an area called "Halepuaa".  "Hale" (ha-lay) means house or home, "puaa" means pig.  It's
165 acres with over 2000 feet (that's almost a half mile!) of ocean frontage.  It was very difficult to get into with only a small section of the
property on the road (left side) and the rest heavily vegetated - almost impassable.  So we decided to go and check it out.  The area, as
you'll see, is just a big bunch of forest and vegetation with no particular landmarks to speak of.  We found what we thought to be the land
marked by a pipe and a pole.  That was all we could do at the moment and went home to research it further.  I found the map above on the
Internet and we found more information that helped us locate it better.
See what I mean by "forest and vegetation"?
Explore Property in Halepuaa
March 29, 2007
Armed with better information (but, as it turned out, not enough) Robin, Cathy, and I headed out the next day to hike into
the property and explore.  I managed to overlay the image of the property map in Google Earth and then plot our path
on the GPS and stick that into Google Earth too!  Pretty cool!  We found a path from the road and followed it into the
woods.  We were planning on an hour or so walk in the woods to the ocean so we weren't really equipped for the long
haul - you know - water, serious hiking shoes, etc..  Instead, we had an adventure!  We eventually lost the path and
ended up veering right and into the lava fields which was made up of sharp A'a lava which made for very difficult
walking.  We kept trying to get to the ocean but the lay of the land kept forcing us right.  We finally stopped and made
some phone calls so that Cathy could reschedule some appointment so that we had more time to explore.  After making
the calls, we asked directions from a guy living nearby.  He lived in a tent with his putt-putt motorcycle and no electricity
or water.  He was a tall thin guy and he'd been living in Hawaii for 25 years and spoke very softly and bowed to us as we
greeted us.  He'd obviously spent a lot of time alone and meditating!  It turned out he was intimately familiar with the
woods we'd been hiking through and knew all the paths and, after refreshing us with the milk from a coconut, he led us
back into the woods and showed us the path we wanted by which we could get to the ocean.  He had told us his name
but we couldn't remember so we ended up calling him Obi Wan Kenobi.  As we followed the path, we came across
evidence that the path had been used by surveyors to mark the property line (
IP=Iron Pin, PL=Property Line).  It ended
up being a very hot and sticky hike because there was no wind in the trees and it was very still and humid.