Photos 3, page 15a
Looking for "Town"
March 23, 2007
After some research with maps, I found an airport listed and went searching for it.  I was completely unable to find it -
every road that seemed to lead to it ended at a gate.  Very frustrating...
The "Tree Tunnel"
Gee, I wonder why this guy is selling
his house!  Boy, he must have been
pissed when those people came along
and built that looming house over his!
I came around a corner on a narrow and winding road and came upon all these
cars parked along the road.  Down below there was this surfing spot that I didn't
even know existed.
From the "Scenic Point", I took these shots of Hilo bay and the breakwater
f4.5, shutter 1/125
This is Rainbow Falls.  I experimented with shutter speeds to see what kind of effects I could get with the water...
f11, shutter 1/10
f3.2, shutter 1/500