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Kula Kai
March 11, 2007
The morning after the Road to the Sea trip, Ray and I went to look at a house site he was working with on Kona Kai Blvd.
in Kula Kai View Estates (magenta line), right next door to where we were the day before (red line).  While there, we
stumbled upon a spelunking organization called
Kula Kai Caverns which, we discovered, was run by a guy that Ray
knew.  We talked for awhile then the guy took us into the beginnings of the cavern where we sat and talked some more.  
The caverns are made up of lava tubes through which hot lava used to flow down the hill from Mauna Loa to the coast.
From the top of Kula Kai Blvd., those
two humps on the coast are where we
were yesterday
Kula Kai Blvd. runs parallel to Road to the Sea but doesn't go all the way down
to the coast
This is one of the entrances to Kula
Kai Caverns
Here's the proprietor waving to us from
the hut next to the cavern entrance
A junk sculpture next to the hut
Some skulls on the desk in the hut
Entering the cavern.  There was some lighting available in the first few hundred feet
There is a wooden platform with
benches at the end of the lit area.
The cavern continues
This shot is with a flash
This shot is without the flash, using
only the light at the platform area.
Ray on the left, the proprietor on the
right with the light under him and two
friends of his, a couple with a 3 or 4
year old boy.
The boy, at one point, got up and took
Ray by the hand and led him off into
the cavern.
At the cavern entrance, there is a map,
both plan and profile, of the cavern
system.  So far, they have mapped
over 20 miles of lava tubes here.
On the way back to Ray's house, we came across this sculpture in somebody's
front yard.  It's made of car bumpers...
This is Ellen's and Robin's haul from
yesterday on the beach.