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Green Sand Beach @ Road to the Sea (con't'd)
March 10, 2007
Getting closer...
Look what Ray found!  Is it salt water or fresh?  Only one way to find out!
It seems to be fresh, but maybe a little bit salty...
<-- Just taking a picture of the ocean
and the land.  There's a speck on the
ridge that looks like a people.

Zoom.  Sure enough! -->
Now isn't this cozy?  This is inside that
clump of bushes you could see on the
beach.  What a perfect place to camp!
We figure this is an artifact of the ancient Hawaiians.  Definitely man-made.  Probably used for some kind of food
preparation...  Need to find a kahuna and ask him...
I walked past the beach a bit and took
a shot looking back
Interesting texture in the rock...
Ray and Robin found another crack
(actually a continuation of the other
one).  The crack went back into sort of
a cave which Robin just loved.  We
couldn't get her out!
Ray and Ellen as we walk back to the car
Rain squalls coming in from the ocean
A last look at that nasty old a'a lava as
we head for home
This is the road over there.  See the white spots painted on the lava?  Ray's
searching futilely for a passable way.
Finally we just parked the car and walked...
Robin searching for shells.  The black
rocks are lava, the white "rocks" are
Check out these weird rocks
The things that Robin and Ellen will go to to get shells!