(115) The smoke on the pali in relation to where I'm headed next:  Royal Gardens.
I want to see if I can get over that ridge.
(123) Looking back from Royal Ave.
(125) A fair weather rainbow!
(125)  Getting up higher, fast!
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Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu end - at night - again!
December 17, 2006
We had a couple of people from the Mainland, Mark and Norma Jean, who wanted to see the lava ocean entry so I got
volunteered to guide them out.  We got a late start, after 5:00 PM, so it got dark when we were only about half way
there.  "
Lava View Point 2" is where the following photos were taken from.  "Lava Overlook" was where I took the
pictures on
(115) I got up on a high spot and took
a picture of the plume and the "skylite"
(left foreground)
Jct. Royal Ave. & Orchid St.
looking north along Royal
Jct. Royal Ave. & Orchid St.
looking west along Orchid
Jct. Royal Ave. & Orchid St.
looking south along Royal
(127) looking south, getting higher.  
The street is really steep!  I'm having
to rest every 50 feet or so!
(127) looking north up the hill.  Note
the wild mama pig and her two little
babies in the center of the picture.  
Stop sign past them up the hill.
Jct. Royal Ave. & Paradise St.
looking east along Paradise
Jct. Royal Ave. & Paradise St.
looking south along Royal
Jct. Royal Ave. & Plumeria St.
looking east along Plumeria
A shot from the Wal-Mart parking lot of
Mauna Kea over Hilo on a clear day.
Getting out the car, this is what we see at the end of the road.  It's already dark
enough to see the glow of the lava on the
It was already dark when we got there, so I just set up and started shooting.  I didn't even really know where we were
relative to anything until I got home and was able to plot the GPS coordinates in Google Earth.
This time, I zoomed back a little more and tried to catch the ocean and actual lava in the view.
These shots were taken with no zoom at all.
Lava Ocean Entry - Kaimu - again!  Daytime & Royal Gardens
December 20, 2006
The last time I was out at the ocean entry, I lost a part to my camera tripod.  Since I had the GPS coordinates to where I had set up that
night, I decided to take a quick hike out to see if I couldn't find it.  I also wanted to see if I could get up into Royal Gardens where I wanted to
get up over the ridge to see what's on the other side.  I left that car parking area at around 1:30 in the afternoon and set out at a good clip - I
had a lot of ground to cover.  By the way, the road shown from "Way end of rd." that connects to Royal Ave. does not exist, nor do the roads in
Royal Gardens that are in the black areas.  The black areas are lava that covers everything.
The usual look-around as I start out...
The plume as I approach
This shot is taken without zoom from
the spot I set up at the other night.
("Street")  This is the beginning of
Royal Ave.
Jct. Royal Ave. & Orchid St.
looking east along Orchid
Jct. Royal Ave. & Paradise St.
looking north along Royal
Jct. Royal Ave. & Plumeria St.
Jct. Royal Ave. & Plumeria St.
Wild pig tracks on Royal Ave.
(Turn back) It's getting dark, the road
is steep and I don't know how friendly
those pigs are.
(129) Heading back down the hill
(130) Both plumes, East Ka'ili'ili on
the left and
East Lae'apuki on the
The East Lae'apuki plume
After coming down the hill from Royal Gardens, I decided to walk over toward where the lava was showing on the hill.  As I walked, I could
feel drafts of hot air accompanied by the smell of sulphur - not coming from the lava ahead, but from cracks and vents nearby.  Finally, I
decided to stop and turn back.  It was 7:00 and dark.  I had been hiking for 5 1/2 hours and had covered 6 1/2 miles and it was over 2 miles
back to the car.  It was time to go home.  I set up and took some pictures before packing up and heading home at almost a jog.  I was over
tired and traveling way too fast but I was anxious to get back.  As a result, just 100 yards from the car, I slipped and fell, peeling off a good
patch of skin off my right arm (see "
Crash" on the map).
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