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October 19-23, 2006
My Sister Leane's Visit
Leane's pictures
Robin getting ready to fly
This is at our mailboxes
Don't see this every day
I like this door.  Notice the Exit
sign, then check out the little white
sign on the left door.
Weather rock
Miscellaneous shots
To fill out the page, I thought I'd stick in some miscellaneous photos that don't fit with any of the excursions
we've been on.
Leane e-mailed me some of the pictures she took, at my request.  Here they are...
I'm not sure where this is but it looks
like the coast near our house
Here's the seismograph plot of the
10/15 earthquake at Jagger Museum
at Kilauea
Halema'uma'u Crater
Purty flars
You find these things everywhere
A couple of nice sunset shots taken at Hookena Beach on the western
(leeward) side of the island.
This is a pretty little cove on the coast
just north of Hilo
Hamakua Coast at Waipio Bay
Waipio Valley is just to the left
Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dumb!
Sistah Leane at Waipio Bay
Just inland from where the previous 3
pictures were taken we found this graveyard.  
All the headstones were written in Japanese
or something like that.
Picture taken from Waipio Beach of
where the previous pictures were taken
This is toward the back of Waipio Valley
All the hotels in Hilo are in one place, a
beautifully landscaped park.  At the hotels
there's this one restaurant called Uncle
Willy's.  This is the hula show they had on the
night we were there.
This is another part of the hula show at Uncle
Willy's.  The hula dancers are on the right, off
the stage, teaching 4 or 5 "volunteers" from
the audience how to do the hula.  Leane is
on the far left.  To her right is a guy who was
quite drunk (he's mostly a blur) who had
more enthusiasm than skill who we were
afraid was going to knock Leane right off the
Robin at Thanksgiving talking to her
brother on the cell phone
A picture of the lava at the Kaimu
Chain of Craters road
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This is a nice panoramic shot of some
of the house being built on the lava
flow.  If you're looking for the definition
of an optimist...
This is a shot of a house that was
apparently missed by the lava flow.  It
is surrounded on all sides by lava.
The Hawaiian Sovereignty flag - the
Hawaiian flag flown upside down - the
flag for the independent Hawaii
This handsome young visionary was
Leane's guide for her Hawaiian visit.
(The future looks so bright I got to
wear shades)
Robin noticed this lava cave hidden in
the brush.  It didn't go very deep but it
was a cool little shelter.
This is the back of the house where
Leane stayed.
And this is our house.
Mauna Kea
This is Al.  He's one of our two cats.  Or maybe two of our three cats.  He's big, weighs something like 16 lbs.  He has
long thick soft "bunny" fur.  He hangs out with me all the time - to the point of being a pain.  Robin calls me "the cat god"
because Al seems to worship me.  My Dad gave me a bumper sticker that said, "God help me to be the person my cat
thinks I am".
No, he's not an intellectual.  But there's something about books that makes him want to sit on them!