Today we decided to take Leane up the Hamakua Coast to the Waipio Valley.  Once there, we did a little exploring.
Leane and the Hamakua Coast.  
Waipio Valley is off to the left.
Waipio Valley Lookout.  That's Robin on
the left.  (More Waipio on
pages 12-13)
Down in Waipio Valley where the river
flows into the ocean, looking up the
Looking up the river into the valley
Back in Waipio Valley
At the end of Kaimu Chain of Craters
, looking up at the "pali" (ridge)
near where "Lava in Hawaii" is marked
on the map.  Note the steam.
Zoomed in.  The lava is flowing
underground from the
Pu'u O'o Vent
to the ocean entry.
Leane and the steam plume from the
lava entering the ocean.  We're about
2 miles away.
At the new Black Sand Beach.  A
similar view to the one above.  You can
see the steam on the far left, then
there's another steam plume in the
center on the ridge.
That sure looks like the Pu'u O'o vent
sticking up there past the ridge!
Robin's been having back problems so
she didn't walk out to the Black Sand
Beach with us.  Here she's waiting for
Leane and I to come back.
Photos 2, page 20
October 19-23, 2006
My Sister Leane's Visit
October 21, 2006
Day 3, Hamakua Coast, Waipio Valley
October 22, 2006
Day 4, Kalapana area, Waa Waa
First, we drove out to the end of Chain of Craters Road at Kaimu so that Leane could get a look at the
utter devastation of the lava flows.  After that, Leane and I walked out to the new
Black Sand Beach.
After the new Black Sand Beach, we drive up the coast to the Champagne Ponds where we
went swimming.  After that, we headed up around the coast through
Waa Waa.  We ended up
at the Pahoa Marketplace where we bought a barbecued chicken and salad fixin's and went
home to prepare ourselves a "cook out".
Along the road in Waa Waa.
<-- There's a vine-covered sign on the tree
that says, "KAPU (
taboo), No Trespassing,
Hawaiian Burial Site Protected By Law".

Looking down the road we're traveling -->