Must have been a hell of a view from
here in the pre-lava days
There's that brown house
At the end of the road, looking back at where we've come from, I see that green
house with red roof again (arrow)
Looking back at where we started
The steam cloud.  It looks so close!
Another stop sign.  Maybe the
intersection of Prince & Lehua?
On the way back over the lava, we encountered one of the many hazards:  a thin shell of lava that could break through
at any moment
On the way back to the jeep (arrow) we
noticed a large white thing and a
number of little white things moving
slowly across the lava.  Mr. Zoom
helped us tell it was people hiking back
to their van!  Also note the white spots
painted on the lava to mark the trail
back to the turnaround where the cars
are parked.
And now, thanks to the Internet, we can see things we haven't been able to see for ourselves.  Above
is a small map of what's where in regards to the lava flows and such.  There's our old friend,
on the left with
Halema'uma'u Crater.  For reference, I marked our house with a "+" and you can see
"Kamu", which I have been calling
Kaimu.  Below are a few pictures I found on the Internet.  They are
photos taken from a helicopter of the lava entering the sea and the vent from which the lava is
coming.  The active vent right now is the
Pu'u O'o vent, the rightmost crater shown on the map.  The
lava flow is occurring roughly halfway between the end of
Chain of Craters Road on the left and
Kaimu on the right.
By the way, if you want to see some really powerful pictures of the inundation of Kalapana -
the area at the end of our road where we've driven and walked, go to the web page,
Selected Images of the Pu‘u ‘O‘o–Kupaianaha Eruption, 1983–1997
Photos 2, page 9
July 16, 2006
Lava walk to Royal Gardens 2
The end of the road is at the top of
that next hill.  Just bushes beyond that.