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Photos 10 -
Photos 10 -
It's baaack! (almost)
July 4, 2016
The lava is starting to flow in a good direction again and the county of Hawaii is astir.  Everyone wants to go see it.  And
now there's a brand new unused gravel road that goes out there!  It's closed to vehicular traffic but we can walk!  The lava
hasn't reached the road yet but it's headed that way!
I used the latest map issued by USGS and overlaid it in Google Earth.  That way I can measure distances, bring in my GPS
tracks, points, and photo locations.  The white line is my route to where I parked.  The green line is the path I walked.  The
red line is the Park boundary.  The blue lines indicate possible flow lines for lava.  I projected it down to the coast and
marked it "Possible Path" so I had some Idea as to where it would hit the road.
The numbered stars indicate photo locations.  The diamonds are GPS waypoints.
Just a quick stop at Kilauea Iki...
It's an overcast day...
1:42 PM @ *03
Approaching the Gates of Hell.  Not really.  It's pretty benign.  The weather's
perfect for hiking: 5-10 mph wind with a few higher gusts, mostly cloudy and the
left (where the sun is) and partly cloudy on the right (over the ocean).
1:43 PM @ *06
Looking back from whence I came...
1:46 PM @ *06
Look at this nice road!  Big difference
from before when we had to go
1:49 PM @ *07
I can't get over how nice this road is!
1:50 PM @ *07
Looking back...
1:52 PM
I stepped off the road for a second to get some pictures of how they built up the
road:  crush what's there, use big rock to lay the roadbed and then smaller rock
on top of that and gravel (crushed rock) on top, all packed smooth.
1:55 PM @ *11
More road...
1:49 PM @ *15
Looking back.  Just passed two ladies
walking the other way and exchanged
pleasantries.  The guy in blue on the
left in catching up with me.
2:01 PM @ *14
The road ahead

Zoomed in, you can the see the road
in the distance...
2:12 PM @ *15
Chatted with the guy in blue for a
while.  He was younger and healthier
than me and it was his first time so he
was excited and went on...
2:22 PM @ *18
Two different exposures on a bowl of spaghetti.  This must have been
something when it was hot...!
2:24 PM @ *18
All along the road you see little square
signs that just say "NEXT * MILES".  
Nothing else.  This is why.  It's
supposed to be two signs!  Winds can
blow pretty good through here...
2:53 PM @ *21
Lava.  Center of left photo, can't really see it.  Right photo zoomed in, there are
3 streams:  one in the edges of the trees, one to the left of that, and another on
the left side of the photo...
2:55 PM @ *21
Looks like the road curves to the right
- away from the lava
3:00 PM @ *22
Another zoomed photo.  On the way
back, I met a park ranger who said this
was the shortest distance to the lava...
I'll remember that next time...
3:06 PM @ *23
Here's an intact sign...
3:29 PM @ "Turn Back"
Lava flow on the
pali.  The silvery stuff
in the center...
3:29 PM @ "Turn Back"
Zoomed in...
3:30 PM @ "Turn Back"
The road ahead.  It's heading away
from the lava and I'm tired...
4:32 PM @ *28
Full zoom.  Those are the palm trees
that are my goal...  Maybe 2 1/2 miles

5:23 PM @ "Batteries"
Another wayward (or maybe windward)
My GPS ran out of batteries here...
5:25 PM @ "Batteries"
Mile and a half to go.  A couple of guys
I walked along with for awhile.  They
were younger and stronger than me

I was pretty tired and moving slow.
9.2 miles in 4 1/2 hours.
I was a little disappointed.  Last time I hiked was 1 1/2 years ago and I was carrying a heavy load today.  I had expected
that the road would make things easier - and it did.  Hugely.  Just look at the terrain alongside the road.  That's where we
used to walk.  I never would have made 9 miles over that stuff.  I can't believe we even did that!  On the other hand, walking
on the road is
boring!  Hiking cross-country, I have to pay attention all the time to my footing and picking a path.  It's much
harder work but it's much more attention-grabbing...  Hiking the road is like riding on the interstate...