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Photos 9 -
Photos 9 -
Meanwhile back at the ranch...
Aqueduct Repair
Here's the plan:
get that white pipe on the ground up
into position, connecting the gutter on
the left (with white plastic wrapped
around it) with the tank on the right.  
By myself...
In August I had built 2 aqueducts, one to run water the 25 feet from my roof gutter to the catchment tank, the other shorter
but more convoluted from another gutter to the tank.  They were cobbled together out of available materials.  When
hurricane Iselle came through, I detached the gutters from the tank so they wouldn't overflow the tank in the storm.  The
hurricane took out the shorter run and then one day, several weeks later, the longer one collapsed all by itself!
2 step ladders and a post.
The horizontal stick is adjustable:  there's
one screw in it with another a couple of
inches back, not all the way in.  That way I
can pivot the stick up and down to adjust
the pitch of the pipe...
step ladder...
At the gutter, I made a lip out of half a
coffee can.  It'll make a perfect seat for
the pipe, then I'll caulk and tape the
shit out of it...
The short one...
This gutter originally ran to the black elevated tank that provided gravity feed water.  From the rubber collar, I had to
fashion something that would carry the water to the big catchment tank.  So a broken piece of 4" pipe with the crack turned
up, a short section of gutter, half a coffee can, two downspout elbows and a piece of down spout, along with lots and lots of
duct tape and caulk.
The vertical white pipe is for support.  It was part of the original connection to the gravity tank.
Tree Roots
The owners of the place I'm renting