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Photos 9 -
Photos 9 -
give you an idea of what it must be like
to have Pele breathing down your
neck...  Someplace in
This is a shot (not mine) of them
getting ready to build the
Kalapana-Chain of Craters Road
road.  This is the
Kalapana end
Also not mine.  So this is how they build a road across lava.  They just get in
there with a couple of big bulldozers and start ripping and squashing and
gradually building up a road bed...
Kalapana-Chain of Craters Rd.
Kalapana-Chain of Craters Rd.
I couldn't resist.  I had to go down and check out the road again.  Maybe I could bullshit my way in with my Civil Engineer's
business card.  As it turned out, I didn't have to.  They had revised the rules and allowed people to go out in the areas
outside the road - just stay out of the construction zone.  Fine.  I had a good telephoto.  This walk was only a mile each way
but I definitely hiked it...
Noon @ *074 & *075
The way this works is you drive up around the loop and then park on the right
hand side.  Almost nobody's here today.  The ranger station is on the left just
behind the white car.  Then there's a refreshment stand and those three
buildings with the smokestacks, which are toilets.
12:02 PM @ *081
Just past the entry stuff, there's this
imposing barrier.  I hung a right and
went off-road here.
12:07 PM @ "Nene(2)"
Here are a couple of
Nene.  The same
ones I saw last month?  
Nenes mate
for life and you almost always see
them in pairs.
12:11 PM @ *091
A little telephoto action:
Looks like somebody's working...
12:18 PM @ *102
There's another excavator ahead of
this one...
12:21 PM @ *113
Just a panorama of the work zone...
12:21 PM @ *113
Zoomed a little.  The whole operation.  
There's the boom of an excavator on
the extreme right...
12:25 PM @ *126
So the excavator takes the big rocks on the right and puts them into the blue
crusher, making piles of little rocks.
12:32 @ *130
Sort of a poor man's panorama of the area...
12:51 PM @ "REST"
So the guy gets out of the excavator and uses a remote control to move the rock
crusher forward, then gets back in (after a drink of water) and goes back at it.  
Must get kinda lonely out here...
12:52 PM @ "REST"
This is the farther unit with full zoom.  
He's got a rock hammer on the end of
his boom so he's busting up rock for
the next guy...
12:52 PM @ "REST"
Another "panorama" for you...  That's basically Kilauea volcano...
12:53 PM @ "REST"
You can see the big rocks for the base
course and the nice piles of little rocks
that will be spread by bulldozer...
Must get kinda lonely working out here...
way, only with tar on top...
He's really working up a storm now!