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June 27 Lava Flow (continued)
The lava finally came to a stop a mere 500 feet from the Pahoa Village Road, which is basically Main Street in Pahoa.
Since then, there have been some breakouts along the sides of the flow, one finally taking a house, but other than that
slowly diminishing or breaking out farther upstream away from
The fear was that if the flow continued, it could cross
Pahoa Bypass Road/Rt. 130 which would cut off the whole eastern
section of the island from the rest.  This area, by the way, is the one that was hardest hit by hurricane Iselle just a few
weeks ago...
So it was decided to prepare some alternate routes (red lines).  The route from Hawaiian Beaches to Hawaiian Paradise
would follow an old railroad easement that in some places was maintained and other places barely a 4-wheel-drive
road.  And then, along the coast, an unmaintained 4- wheel-drive track called
Government Beach Road.  There has
been talk for years of improving these two routes to relieve commuter traffic congestion along Route 130 into
Hilo.  If the
lava flow were to continue past
Pahoa and cut these two routes as well, a third route out of the Puna District would be
prepared.  This would connect the
Chain of Craters Road to Kalapana following the original route of the road, long since
buried under lava flows (red line at the bottom of the map).  Be still my heart!  This has been my stompin' grounds for years
and having a
road to get out there...!  It will be a 22-foot wide gravel road to be used only for emergency purposes.  But
surely I can
walk it can't I?  But, anyway,  how do they build a road across 8 miles of lava?
The following pictures are not mine, they are from the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Photo & Video Chronology
webpage, along with the captions in
Times New Roman.  Any comments by me will be in this font.
October 24, 2014
The June 27th flow remains active, and has
advanced at an increased rate over the past
two days. This afternoon (2 pm), the flow
front was pushing ahead as a narrow lobe,
and was just 150 yards from
Apa'a St. The vent for the June 27th
flow is on
Pu'u O'o (top of photograph),
which is nearly 12 miles away.
A wider view of the flow front, and its
position relative to
Pahoa. This morning
the flow front was 0.7 miles from
Village Road
, as measured along a straight
Pahoa Village Road is at the bottom
of the photograph.
A closer view of the flow front, which has
split into two separate lobes. As of 2 PM, the
flow was only approximately 150 yards from
Cemetery Rd./Apa'a St., which spans this
photo. HELCO crews can be seen working to
protect utility poles along the road.

There it goes!  (He's using a cordless electric
)  They had a bunch of VIPs
standing around and took pictures...
October 25, 2014
The June 27th lava flow crossed Apa'a Street / Cemetery Road
at 3:50 AM, HST, Saturday morning, October 25, 2014. In this
photo, which was taken at about 9 AM Saturday, the flow is
moving from right to left, with burning asphalt visible along it's NW
margin. A utility pole, far right, was surrounded by lava but
remained standing at the time of the photo. The hope is that the
protective insulation and cinder/cement barrier around the pole will
prevent it from burning through.
October 27, 2014
The June 27th lava flow remained active, and the flow front was
nearing residential areas in the northwest portion of
Pahoa. The
flow front was heading towards a low spot on the
Pahoa Village
, between Apa'a St. and the post office. This photo was
taken at 11:30 am today, when the flow front was 0.3 miles from
Pahoa Village Road.
October 27, 2014
This annotated photograph shows the
notable features around the flow front. The
photo was taken at 11:30 am, and also
shows the distance the flow front has
traveled between
Cemetery Rd./Apa'a St.
Pahoa Village Rd.
October 29, 2014
The June 27th flow remains active, and is
slowly approaching
Pahoa Village Road.
This photo was taken just before 10 am,
and shows the flow front moving through
private property towards a low point on the
road. At 11:30 am today, the flow front
was 235 yards from
Pahoa Village Road.
October 31, 2014
The June 27th lava flow remains active in
and upslope from
Pāhoa. Yesterday, the tip
of the flow was stalled about 170 yards
Pāhoa Village Road, which crosses
the photo at lower right. A few small toes
of pasty lava continue to leak from the
sides of the flow just upslope from the
front today. A more vigorous flow was
burning through forest along the north side
of the stalled front just below the
cemetery (the burning forest closest to
Pāhoa Village Road). This may develop
into a new front. Other breakouts even
farther upslope were also moving through
vegetation and producing smoke plumes.
Chain of Craters Road Extension walk
So, of course, I had to go find out!  Although I was outfitted for hiking, I would have to consider this a "walk" since it was
only 3/4 of a mile out.  Green line out, magenta line back... I did do some cross-country, or, more accurately, cross-lava
hiking, with my trekking poles, so...
12:19 PM @ *732
There's somebody there at the end of
the road.  I can't tell...
12:10 PM @ *731
I was so excited seeing the "ROAD
registered "No Pedestrians"
12:19 PM @ *732
Zoom.  Definitely a piece of heavy
One last look before cutting off the
road and heading out cross country...
12:39 PM @ *750
Uh-oh, looks like they're onto me.  
She's trying to outflank me.
12:40 PM @ *750
Looking back at my "escape route".  
The grove of palm trees is where I
marked "Stop"
12:41 PM @ *750
Well, back to business...
12:41 PM @ *750
I have a mighty zoom...
Looks like they've crushed some rock..
12:41 PM @ *750
I'm surrounded!  Full zoom.  She's
about 375 feet away...
12:41 PM @ *750
Checking her notes...
12:42 PM @ *750
Must be lunch.  A bunch of big guys
standing around the back of a pickup...
Just a wider shot to show where these
guys will be working...
12:46 PM @ * 760
On the way back, I encountered a resident of the Park...  A Nene, the Hawaiian Goose, the state bird...  An endangered
species...  Aloha, bird!
One the way back up the hill.  Right photo enhanced.  That's about 4 miles
away and 2000 feet lower...
At what I considered to be a safe distance, I cut back to the road (magenta
line).  Looking back, I could see they could see me.  Just to the left of *732
there's a little squiggle in the track.  That's where the ranger stopped me and
gave me a ride the rest of the way out.  He was very polite but told me I wasn't
allowed in there.  He just gave me a ride back to the gate and didn't hassle
me at all.  He was friendly enough and we chatted some...
Anyway, the bottom line is I got booted out of there... politely...