As a combination wedding anniversary, honeymoon, and Father's Day, we decided to take a trip to the island of Kauai,
the northernmost and oldest of the inhabited Hawaiian Islands.  Kauai is known as "The Garden Island" and is famous
for it's
Na Pali Coast, the northern coast of the island which is comprised of sheer cliffs of incredible beauty.  It is also
know for
Waimea Valley, "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific", according to Mark Twain.  Robin lived here for 5 years
ending some 10 years ago.
Most of the pictures I shot were of a higher resolution (8 megapixels) than what I usually shoot (3 megapixels) with corresponding larger
file sizes.  Therefore, I'm offering smaller images.  If you want bigger versions,
let me know.  I realize that even the "small" is sometimes a
pretty good sized file, but I really don't want to make them any smaller because you just can't get the effect of many of the images unless
you see them at a respectable size.  The problem with taking pictures is that you are "funneling" your view into the capacity of your lens
width.  So these vast panoramic views are not done justice with a camera.  I've experimented a little with shooting in video mode, but even
that limits the view to what the camera can see at any given time.  Some of the images have been enhanced a bit to improve the color.  
Images with an "
a" at the end of the filename, or in front of "med" and "sm" have been adjusted.  This applies to previous pages as well.
Next comes Molokai.  That's Lanai at
the bottom of the picture
And that's Honolulu on Oahu coming up.  We
landed there to dump off passengers, then
continued on to
Lihue on Kauai
The airport with Diamond Head in the
Zebra Dove
Cardinal, of course!
Common Myna
This is basically the "foothills" of Waimea Canyon.
Imagine living here
The waterfall in the distance is called
Moeloa Falls, I think.
Photos 2, page 1
This is the north end of Maui
Friday-Sunday, June 16-18, 2006
The Island of Kauai
Friday, June 16, 2006
Day 1
First, a quick tour of the islands as we
fly north.  This is the south end of
Upon arriving in Lihue, we stopped and ate
lunch at an open-air restaurant where there
were lots of birds.
than the chickadee.  I have to get a better bird book!
The island in the distance is Ni'ihau.  It is
owned entirely by the Robinson family and
you can't go there!