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Miscellaneous Stuff
July-September, 2013
Here are a couple of shots of some
kahili ginger growing outside the
I wish you could smell this!
Crater Rim Trail Hike
August 9, 2013
A nice easy hike, just to get some exercise, 5 miles, 2 hours, 45 minutes...  Counterclockwise...
9:57 AM @ Kilauea Iki Lookout or overlook, if you will...
Always such a nice shot:  Mauna Loa in the background, Halema'uma'u
steaming away in the mid-ground.  If you look really, really close you can see 4
or 5 white specks along the trail in the crater which are people!
10:42 AM @ *064
The path starting out...
10:43 AM @ *052 & *053 -->
More path.  It's nice here in the forest...
10:53 AM @ 056
11:28 AM @ *066
This is known as the "Escape Road".  It
comes up from
Mauna Ulu...
11:30 AM @ *059
This is known as the "Escape Road".  It
Mauna Ulucomes up from ...
Looking back a the "Gate".
It's a fence to keep feral critters (like
pigs) out so they don't mess up the
native habitat...
Roses, Aqueduct
August 31, 2013
I have a 10,000 gallon catchment tank in the back yard which had only a foot of water in it because it had been a dry
summer.  Normally, there would be pipes from the gutters on the house to feed the tank but here at the house there were
none.  It just caught whatever rain that happened to fall directly in it.  Not having any money, I cobbled something together
out of available materials laying around the place.  I was very proud of it!
But first, some nice roses for you!
installed the 10,000 gallon tank and a
proper water pump.  I left the original
tank intact in case of power outages
and ran the pipes over to the big tank.  
I used lots of duct tape patching
together various pieces of pipe, gutter,
and downspouts...
At one point, I used a convenient ohi'a tree for a pipe support.  I used a piece
of gutter as a saddle so the tree could move with the wind and allow the pipe
to slip back and forth.  I squeaked annoyingly so I sprayed with that stuff you
used to keep the fan belt in a car from squealing.  Worked like charm...!
Looking over the catchment tank with
layout...  That's a 25-foot run from the
plastic greenhouse in the back...
Roses, 'Popcorn' Orchid, Hibiscus
Speaking of roses...
And then there are these orchids...
I don't know what their proper name is,
I've just heard them called "popcorn
orchids" and they grow wild like weeds
And then the state flower, hibiscus,
growing outside my bedroom window...
Rat Cat
September 24, 2013
I have an open house so the food I put out for my cat attracted every other cat in the neighborhood.  Rat Cat was one that
showed up.  She was so cute and she basically adopted me...
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