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Photos 9 -
Photos 9 -
Miscellaneous Stuff
May-July, 2013
Protective Coloration
Glenwood House
May 13, 2013
HVNP (Hawaii Volcanoes National Park)
May 21, 2013
Apua Aborted
July 27, 2013
Here is one of my buddies.  He helps keep control of the bugs...
This is the view from my front door,
northeast down toward the
Looking back at the house
Just to the left of the previous photo,
this is the unfinished greenhouse,
used for storage and living space...
Here are some views of my estate & mansion...
Another shot of my front "door"
Looking down the driveway
Looking back toward the house
Standing at the front gate to the
estate, looking back at the house
At the end of the drive, looking down
the road out
At the end of the drive, looking to the
At the end of the drive, looking up the
driveway toward the house
There are orchids growing out of the ohi'a trees, which are endemic to Hawaii
Pretty cool, huh?
Here's a shot of the kitchen, looking
Closer shot, looking more southerly.
The part with the vertical boards is
pipe is the drain emptying into a hole
in the ground...
This is the bathhouse, containing
toilet, shower, tub, and washer/dryer.
In back of the main house (to the left)
bathhouse with the house behind...

The kitchen
Robin and I took a tour of HVNP, first stopping at Jagger Museum to check out Halema'uma'u Crater.  The wind looks like
it's coming from the southwest...  Then we went around to the other side and look at it from there...
Heading down Chain of Craters Road
we came across a tour bus and people
getting their first experience of the lava
Further down the road, almost to the hairpin, we get a view of the ocean entry
And then at the bottom of the road we
can look down the coast and see the
entry from there...
Haven't been hiking much so I decided to take a shot at the Apua Point hike again because it's fairly flat.  After 2.5 miles, I
decided to turn around and head back.  I just wasn't up to doing the complete 12 mile round trip.  See
photopage209 for
the complete hike on 2/13/12.
7:29 AM
First a quick stop at Kilauea Iki just
'cause.  Mauna Loa is clear as a bell in
the background with Halema'uma'u
steaming away in the mid-distance.
8:48 AM @ *068
The beginning of the trail
8:50 AM @ *069
Someone put pieces of white coral on
top of the
ahu (rock pile markers).  
Makes seeing them much easier...
8:53 AM @ *071
The black lava you see is from the
Mauna Ulu eruption 1969-1974
9:08 AM @ *076
That's the Hilina Pali

9:43 AM @ 087
People coming.  They'd camped out at
Keauhou, another 3+ miles past Apua