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Photos 9 -
Photos 9 -
Lava Hike
March 20, 2013
We had a friend, John, visiting from the Mainland.  One of the primary things to do when visiting, of course, is to go and
see the lava ocean entry.  I hadn't been out in a long time and really looked forward to having some company to go out.  I
ran some errands in
Hilo (white line) then picked up John where he was staying in Paradise Park (cyan line) and headed
on down to
The County won't let people into the lava area because it is
supposedly on private property, not that anyone can really
tell.  You need to know someone who owns property out
there and hike from there.  In this case, we paid a local guy
named Ramone $10 to park in his yard while we hiked...
This is a 3D view of the area.  It's an attempt to show how the
ocean entry is below the edge of some fairly tall sea cliffs the
hike out, magenta is the hike back...
4:29 PM @ "Ramone"
We almost cancelled because the
plume was blowing in our direction and
we didn't want to get into that...
4:29 PM
But we decided we could go to the
ocean side (
makai) of it and avoid it -
unless the wind shifted!
4:43 PM @ *075
You can see the fumes from the ocean
entry drifting past against the pali.  
The smoke on the hillside shows the
path of the lava coming down...
4:48 PM @ *076
It's not this dark - I exposed for the
4:50 PM @ *078
Looking back.  This used to be
forested like it is on the right but the
lava came through and wiped it all out...
Just to the left, you can see vog
moving in.  The dead branches are
from the trees that burned when the
lava came through and the branches
fell on top of the cooling crust.
4:54 PM @ *082
4:59 PM @ *087
5:13 PM @ *090
5:39 PM @ *096
Our first look at the ocean entry
Zoom 1.5X
5:47 PM @ *102
Zoom 3X
5:51 PM @ *104
Zoom 2X
6:04 PM @ *109
6:08 PM @ *111
Check out this helicopter hovering right over the entry...
6:08 PM @ *111
Past John in the distance there is a
bunch of people.  Bet there's surface
lava there...!
6:24 PM @ *139
What'd I tell ya?
6:26 PM @ *139
back.  She didn't want to have
anything to do with the lava.  Her
daddy did.  He'd brought 3 or 4 sticks
just to poke the lava with.  The heat
radiating is enormous.  That's really as
close as one can get without getting
6:28 PM @ *139
John &
We headed back down to where we
6:47 PM @ "Lava View"
It's really much darker than the pictures show - the camera adjusted the
exposure.  It's almost dark.  John gives us a sense of scale here...