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Photos 9 -
January 25, 2013
My usual trip through HVNP:  breakfast at KMC, stop by Jaggar Museum to check out Halema'uma'u and see which way
the wind's blowing, then around to
Kilauea Iki just because it's such a great view.  Then on down Chain of Craters Road.  
It's raining today up on the mountain so I skipped the
Halema'uma'u and Kilauea Iki stops...
10:15 AM @ Jaggar Museum
Wind's from the west, blowing the
plume toward my house!  This is highly

Wind's blowing toward me.  Clouds
hide Mauna Loa...
10:55 AM @ "Pix1"
The first view of the ocean entry at
Kupapa'u.  That's about 8 miles away
and 1600 feet below me...
11:04 AM @ "Pix2"
Now we're about 7 miles away and, of
course, at the same elevation...
It's nice and clear today...
11:31 AM @ "Pix3"
6.5 miles.  Wind's from the south,
blowing the plume toward
Hilo and
January 30, 2013
My usual trip through the Park but now that there's an ocean entry, I have to stop off at certain points to check it out...
10:33 AM @ "Pix1"
Hard to see the entry today.  Right-hand photo enhanced...  Looks like wind from the west...  Unusual...
Why do I keep taking the same tour through the park?  Different weather, different light, different conditions.  But also
because when it's chilly and rainy for days at home, it's almost guaranteed that it will be warmer down here.  Not Another
good reason is something I learned on
2/28/08 when I managed to catch the lava coming down through Royal Gardens
(now almost completely buried).  There have been several events that I have missed simply because I couldn't get there in
time, if at all.  And many more that nobody can get to except "authorized personnel".  Something can happen at any time
and you don't know where...  Sorta like real life...
Manuka Beach
March 9, 2013
We had a friend, John, visiting from the Mainland so Ray & Ellen invited us to meet them at Manuka Beach.  This involves a
good 6 or 7 miles down a 4WD road from the highway to the ocean.  We had about 10 people there...
This is a track of our walk...
Most of the people are in the water...
Left to right, Dave's truck, Rays' truck,
and my Jeep.  The red truck in the
back is somebody else

A convenient tide pool.  The meeting
will now come to order...!