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Coast Hike
January 20, 2013
My usual trip through HVNP:  breakfast at KMC, stop by Jaggar Museum to check out Halema'uma'u and see which way
the wind's blowing, then around to
Kilauea Iki just because it's such a great view.  Then on down Chain of Craters Road.  
Depending on the weather when I get to the bottom of the road, I will get out and walk (or not).  Today, I walked...
10:43 AM
Very little breeze, plume is straight up...

10:58 AM
Because the plume isn't blowing away,
it lingers around and obscures
11:26 AM @ "Pix"
Checking on the ocean entry.  Right-hand photo is enhanced to maybe see better...
11:26 AM @ "Pix"
11:57 AM @ *018
The end of the road (EOR), a small
ranger station and privys...
12:03 @ *019
Past the EOR, we walk about 0.8 miles
to where the lava overruns the road...
12:08 PM @ *021
12:10 PM @ *022
12:14 PM @ *023
12:23 PM @ *024
12:23 PM @ *024
12:23 PM @ *024
The sign says, "END OF TRAIL"
12:24 PM @ *028
There's another piece of road over
12:36 PM @ *034
The Park placed these beacons so
people can find their way in the dark...
12:40 PM @ *035
The light flashes slowly at nite...
12:46 PM @ *036
They have to tell people they need a light after dark...
12:52 PM @ *038
(Zoom) There's something over there.  
I'll check it out on the way back...
12:57 PM @ *045
Another beacon...
1:00 PM @ *059
Those two people blew by me like I was
standing still...  (Actually, I was...)
1:14 PM @ *064
1:17 PM @ *064
Just a bunch of old signs and stuff...
2:33 PM
As I'm driving back along the coast,
heading home, I stopped and took a
last look down the coast...
2:44 PM @ "Pix"
And another stop on the way up the hill
to look back again...
Always paying attention to wind
some 100-200 feet down (it fluctuates).  Nowhere that anyone can actually see any hot lava, except through the
Park's webcams and those are pretty poor.  In the last couple of weeks, the surface lava flows reached the ocean,
helicopter tours for mo money have started up again.  Unfortunately for us lava chasers (or should I say fat old
poor lava chasers), it's really hard to get to.
From the end of
Chain of Craters Road, where I am , it's a stiff 5 or 6 mile hike over very rough terrain.  The
wind is normally a good 15-20 mph in your face hiking out and if it's just right, you'll get that whole ocean entry
plume in your face.  No fun:  sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, acid rain, sharp silica dust.  All that fun stuff.  And
then you have to hike back home in the dark...
From the
Kaimu end, it's probably only three miles and the wind won't be in your face but the County (of Hawaii
Island) won't let the public in there because it's private property.  Never mind that it's under 20 feet of lava - it's
still somebody's property.
By the way, as I understand it, any
new land that is created off the coast belongs to the State of Hawaii.
So sometimes when it's too rainy and cold at home, I drive down Chain of Craters Road to sea level and get warm.  If the
wind's not blowing too bad, I might hike out a couple of miles, just to keep my hand (or feet) in.  Who knows, maybe
someday I'll find enough energy to get all the way out there (don't hold your breath)!