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Boating with Ray
January 6, 2013
The Great Crack
January 9, 2013
Robin's birthday on Sunday so Ellen invited us over for the weekend.  She also had her son, Cory, and his friend, Kramer
visiting.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and we went out on the boat on Sunday.  Robin wasn't feeling well and didn't go...
Boating in a small boat on the ocean can be kinda rugged...
We headed out to one of several buoys the state puts out to attract fish and within a half an hour had caught 4 or 5 fish,
more than enough for dinner for all of us.  Then, hungry, we headed straight for
Kealakekua Bay where we ate lunch,
snorkeled and swam, and generally lazed about.
11:07 AM at Honaunau
Just getting ready to launch.  Ray, in an orange shirt, is in the boat, that's Kramer
in the blue shirt and light shorts, and Cory is wearing black and is standing in front
of his Mom, Ellen.
1:40 PM @ *033
As we pulled into Kealakekua Bay, some of the residents came out to visit...
2:25 PM @ *039
Then the boys tried a little rock diving...
That's Cory...
I decided to finally go and see "The Great Crack", something I heard about on the web page Instant Hawaii.  Basically The
Great Crack is an 8 mile long, 60 foot wide and 60 food deep crack in the island, situated in the district of
Ka'ū.  In the
upper image, I've marked it with a red line.  It's a fairly easy 4-mile round-trip hike and it has several advantages over
where I live on the windward side - it's hot and dry in
Ka'u!  Green line going out, magenta line going back...
12:25 PM near "Park"
12:25 PM
This is where I'm going - to the left of the gate...
12:33 PM
I always like this flower that can't seem
to make up it's mind...
12:34 PM
This is the road ahead...
12:39 PM @ *957
This is the
Kahili flower.  It is
considered an invasive species...
12:50 PM @ *961
More road ahead...
12:51 PM @ *963
More road ahead...
12:59 PM @ *964
More road...
1:04 PM @ *965
A hawk, or
io, landed in a tree nearby...
1:06 PM @ *973
A panorama of where I am.  The road's in the middle...
1:06 PM @ *973
A continuation of the panorama of
where I am...
1:11 PM @ *973
The road...
1:13 PM @ * 977
This is not the "Great Crack"
Just a regular one, I guess...
1:14 PM @ *977
away than it really is.  With the cracks and the scarps, this must have been a very active area at one time...