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Photos 9 -
'Apua Point aborted
December 19, 2012
This is the sign at the trailhead
I hadn't hiked in quite a while and I was determined to get out there.  I thought a nice easy hike
out to Apua point would be good - it's level, warm, and not too hard.  As it turned out...
Always have to stop off at Kilauea Iki.  
It's such a magnificent view.
It's always good to know which way the
wind's blowing too...
11:19 AM @ *023
Starting out...  Nice and level...
Light breeze at my back, temp in the
high 70s...
11:26 AM @ *027
11:26 AM @ *028
Somebody put a piece of coral on each of the ahu.  Makes them easy to spot...
12:03 PM @ *042
12:20 PM @ "Turn", 2 miles out
Looking back...  OOPS!
I turned back, but it started to sprinkle before I got halfway back to *042.  I got everything stowed away and the rain cover
on my pack and proceeded to get drenched.  The wind was 20 mph in my face as I hiked back, creating my favorite,
horizontal rain.  By the time I got back to the car, I was thoroughly soaked!
near Whittington Beach Park
December 29, 2012
Off to find some sun and sea.  We decided to try a place near Whittington Beach.  It was just an old dirt road off the
highway (one of the few without the ubiquitous gates and
kapu ('taboo' - keep out) signs).  While Robin searched out the
tide pools, I decided to check out the area...
1:09 PM @ 011
A panorama of where we are...
January 3, 2012
continuing panorama...  270 degrees
1:10 PM @ *016
And there's Robin!
1:27 PM @ *022
Look at the weird erosion of this lava...
This lava, not sand...
Here are a couple of shots taken of
Whittington State Park in March of
2006 on a tour of the island.  You can
see the abandoned pier on the left.
This is a shot zoomed in on the point
the far shore from the left, around the
point, and ended at the left end of that
little bay closest to us.
1:31 PM @ *031
Park is.  That diagonal line across the
hill is the highway...

1:32 PM @ *034
You might be able to just make out the
pier in the center of the photo, just
past that little point...
1:47 PM @ *037
Whittington Park.  You can see the
pier on the left...

1:48 PM @ *038
selected the best pool...
11:21 AM @ Jaggar Museum
Halema'uma'u Crater
This has become my route in the Park:  
breakfast at
KMC (Kilauea Military at at
IkiKilauea Iki
, , , , and then head on down to
EOR (End Of Road).
11:36 AM @ Kilauea Iki
Such an incredible view of everything...
12:03 PM @ *Pix
plume of the lava entering the ocean.
Zoom.  Kupapa'u Point