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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Bottom of Chain of Craters Rd.
October 5, 2012
Keanakako'i Crater
October 5, 2012
Two "walks" today.  "Walks" because I wasn't hiking, I was wearing my flip-flops.  Mostly just
cruising in the car with a couple of
walks to get some air...
The first walk took place at the bottom of Chain of Craters Road.  I went to the end of the road
and then took a quick walk out to this little grove of palm trees I'd seen on previous hikes...  A
half mile each way mostly on pavement so I didn't bother putting shoes on...
(By the way, the waves you see are crashing at the base of 30-40-foot high cliffs...)
12:19 PM @ *017
That's the goal...
12:20 PM @ *019
Here's the story...
12:23 PM @ *021
12:23 PM @ *020
This looks like a good path...
12:25 PM @ *022
12:26 PM
As you can see, they don't have a lot
to hang onto!
12:26 PM @ *025
Looking back up at the road.  If you
look really close, there's someone with
a red shirt in the center of the picture.
12:31 PM @ *028
My walking shoes...
My feet aren't that far away, it's a
wide-angle lens!
When I got back to the top of the hill, I decided to take another quick walk to see how
Crater was doing.  This one was a mile each way on level pavement so I stuck
with the slippers...  I've been here

(By the way, the image shows the Halema'uma'u plume going north.  This is very unusual.  In
this location, the wind is almost always coming from the northeast and the plume is going down
to the southwest, which is why the road is closed off in that direction (from
Chain of Craters
to Jaggar Museum).  Today, there is very little wind and the plume is just sort of
wandering around.)
1:14 PM @ *029
I was taken by how much the grass has
encroached on the pavement in the
last more than 4 years since the road
was last used...
1:16 PM @ *031
Looking back at the intersection.  This
road was closed when
started venting in 2008...  Well,
actually it exploded...
1:37 PM @ *054
It's a cloudy day.
I took this picture because there are
people over on the other side of
Keanakako'i Crater.
Zoom & enhance.  See?
1:38 PM
Here's the whole picture...
1:39 PM @ *058
One last look...
1:42 PM @ *061
Here's the skinny on this place...
1:43 PM
1:43 PM
Not only is it cloudy but there is very
little wind so the fumes from
Halema'uma'u, right of center, are just
hanging around, making it hard to see
1:44 PM
The visibility here isn't very good.  If you want to see better, go to page 217 & 218 where the view is better...
2:10 PM @ *031
Approaching the intersection...
A look at the road I just walked down...