Now let's go back to the intersection of Pahoa-Kalapana Road and Kapoho-Kalapana Road where I've taken pictures of
the steam cloud.  This time let's take a right and see what's down there.  We've some of this on
page 9
"Pau" means done, finished.  For
example, "
pau Hana" means done with
work.  Related meaning:  "Happy Hour"
Here's that trailer again.
Uncle's Awa Bar.  See
Hale Noa, The Hawaiian 'Awa Bar
Awa Ethnobotanical Magic
Sovereignty flag, representing the
sovereign state of Hawaii.  See the
signs above.
*The little shop across from Uncle's, on
the right in the photo above (
Photo A)
Starting at Photo A, turning to the right
- there's Verna's.
Standing in Verna's parking lot, looking
back at the end of the road.  Just over
the horizon is the new Black Sand
(Different day, different cars)
Turning to the right, you can see the
sovereignty flag.  Uncle's is just behind
the bushes on the right.
(Different day, different cars)
Photos 1, Page 22
Right behind the trailer was this.  I don't
know what it is.
And here we are back at the "End of
the Road" again.
This is the end of this road.  The little road off
to the right goes to the local houses shown on
page 16, at the end of the first lava walk.  If you
look closely, you can see a sign that says
"Beach" just above the hood of the pickup
truck.  That's the way to the new Black Sand
Photo A - To the right of the previous photo is
this little clustering of funky shops*
End of road - Uncles' Awa Bar, Verna's
Just to the right of Uncle's.  See page 9
Some of the signs in "Story Board"
Saturday, May 27, 2006
Kaimu-Kalapana Lava Flow Field drive again
Saturday, May 27, 2006