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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
June 10, 2012
Another boating expedition.  This time, Ray wanted to go north.  So we trailered the boat 60
miles from Ray's house in
Captain Cook all the way up the coast to Kawaihae, the absolute
driest place on the island, by the way.
Trade winds are from the northeast.  Notice how green it is on the right and how brown it is on
the left where we are.  That's a ridge (the old
Kohala volcano) that runs out to the point.  All
the rain drops on the windward side of the hill...
We started out from
Kawaihae (green line), following the 300-foot depth contour trolling for
Ono.  After awhile, we got hungry and headed in to the coast to find a nice spot for lunch...
7:10 AM @ Ray's
Ready to go...
9:11 AM @ Kawaihae
Really ready to go...
9:57 AM @ *204 (on the green line)
We'll have to check out those beaches
on the way back, closer to the coast...
10:04 AM @ *218 (on the green line)
More little beaches...
10:06 AM @ *223
These people have moved in...
10:22 AM *227
That's a major road coming down...
10:30 AM @ *229
11:21 AM @ "Lunch"
Ray & Ellen swimming
12:35 PM @ *238
Check this out...  More later...
1:02 PM @ *242
We've turned  back.  Land is on the left
Half of the crew...
As we started to get up around the northern tip of the island, we were starting to get hit by the strong northeast trade winds
wrapping around the point.  As the wind increased, so did the roughness of the ocean.  After getting sprayed in the face a
few times by waves splashing over the bow, we decided to turn back...
1:20 PM @ *245
We're approaching where that incredible wall was.  It's right below that cut..
Notice the structure in the background.  I labelled that "Shell"
This is Mahukona Harbor
We're at around *238.  We're going to
stop for a quick swim at *256.
This is a close-up of the southerly
portion of the previous view.  There's a
pier there at the "Railroad Station"
This is the northerly portion.  I will
definitely be going over in the Jeep
and checking things out further...
1:22 PM near *238
That's quite a construction.  We think
for the railroad...
There seem to be standing stones on
1:25 PM @ *256
We're pulling in here for a swim.  
That's the "Shell" up on the right...
1:38 PM
Looking back at the notched hill...
See the mountain in the background?
Maui.  Haleakela is 10,023 feet high and is 40 miles away
2:15 @ 012
Lapakahi State Historical Park
Partially restored ancient Hawaiian
fishing village, over 600 years old.
2:30 PM between *295 and *300
2:37 PM @ *300
2:47 PM @ *315
2:53 PM @ *316
Look how dry it is!
2:54 PM
2:55 PM
2:56 PM
2:56 PM
2:56 PM
3:02 PM @ *332
3:03 PM
This looks like a good spot...
3:16 PM @ *339
I was interested in those very low circular walls.  They look barely knee-high...
3:17 PM passing *339
3:20 PM @ *347
Getting back to civilization...
someday.  This is a big difference from the south coast where we were looking at massive Mauna Loa lava flows.  This is
the oldest part of the island and
Kohala mountain is only a mile high compared to Mauna Loa's 2.6 miles.  Can't be eroded
much here since it doesn't rain!
By the way, trolling the whole way, we didn't catch any fish!  Not only that, we didn't see any other sea life the entire trip!