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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
May 24, 2012
1:21 PM @ Kilauea Iki Overlook
Kilauea Iki, Halema'uma'u, and
Mauna Loa all lined up...
5/5/12 7:08 PM

5/24/12 12:15 PM

Just a couple of views of the crater...
Here are some shots of informational posters in
Jaggar Museum.  This saves me from having to explain it all to you!
12:11 PM
A nice clear day for a great view of
Mauna Loa from the Jaggar Museum parking lot
1:22 PM
There's somebody on top of
Pu'u Pua'i
1:23 PM
Zoom.  See?  That's a major no-no.  
It's very dangerous up there...
1:48 PM
Kealakoma Overlook, about
halfway down
Chain of Craters Road.
 This is my next hike...
2:24 PM
A little farther up the road...
This is
Mauna Ulu flow, looking
2:24 PM
Looking downstream.
This is a lava flow channel...
2:25 PM
Another shot of
Mauna Loa.  Nice day!
Na'ulu Trail
June 5, 2012
Ever since I started getting into the Mauna Ulu eruption, I started thinking about the old Chain of Craters Road that got
covered.  The old road used to go all the way out to
Makaopuhi Crater - a five mile hike now.  I wanted to see if there was
anything left of the old road out there.  After a ton of research, I finally found an old USGS topo map that had the old road
on it.  I overlaid it in Google Earth and traced it (it's that section that loops east from
Mauna Ulu and rejoins the existing
road before the hairpin turn).  It also shows, by the way, the road going through to Kalapana, along the south coast which
is now buried...
I was really excited about this trip.  I've been having trouble finding interesting places to hike and now I had a worthy goal!  I
waited for 2 weeks to let the trade winds die down a little - it's really windy out there on the mountain!  I planned to start at
Mauna Ulu and hike through from there (green line) - that's the downhill direction!  I'd have Robin pick me up and take me
back to my car.  The faded yellow lines are the existing roads.  The white line is my route to where I parked and the red line
is the route heading home...  The grey line is my tracing of the old Chain of Craters Road.
The weather was almost perfect:  temperature in the 70s with a bit of a wind but not too bad.  I had a timetable to keep
because I had arranged to meet Robin at a certain time.
11:20 AM @ "Park"
From the parking area, this road
dead-ends that that A'a lava ahead
11:21 AM just a little further along...
I'm told that Hawaii started painting
their center stripes yellow in 1960.  
Therefore, this is the original road...
11:23 AM Just getting started...
Pu'u Huluhulu on the left, Mauna Ulu
center stage.  I'm hiking between the
11:33 AM @ *201
11:52 AM @ *205
Looking ahead.  That's
Pu'u O'o in the distance behind the hill that's called
Kanenuihamo, which is just left of Makaopuhi Crater.  I will be going around to
the right...
12:07 PM @ *216
Another flow channel coming down from
Mauna Ulu
12:01 PM @ *213, *214, *215
The trail followed this formation for a
little ways.  Normally, you would think
this was carved out by water but it was,
of course, created in HOT LAVA!  
Imagine that!
12:15 PM @ *226
Starting to head up over the shoulder
Mauna Ulu (on the right)
12:17 PM *228

There's people up on
Mauna Ulu...
12:22 PM @ *236
A panorama of
'Alae crater
12:23 PM @ *236
A deeper look shows there was liquid
lava at the bottom at one point...

12:23 PM @ *252
Another view looking at
Mauna Ulu...
12:24 PM @ * 252