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Photos 8 -
'Apua Point Hike (continued)
February 23, 2012
2:48 PM @ "Lunch"
Somewhere up there, I took a picture of here...
1/20/12 1:47 PM
Here's the full res photo
In the clump of trees, I'm sitting under
the one on the right...
3:07 PM @ "Lunch"
Now isn't this just freakin' perfect or what?
3:08 PM @ *028
Well I guess that about covers it...  Probably best to just go away...
3:09 PM @ *30
Note that lump on the point...
3:09 PM @ *033
Looking back at the accommodations
(Lunch was under the last palm on the right)
That's the incredible Hilina Pali in the
3:13 PM @ *502
I don't know....
3:14 PM @ *502
Looking back at the
pali.  Somewhere up there is the volcano that made all this...
3:20 PM @ *038
I wanted to follow the coast to the right
but I don't even want to try those
rocks.  Instead, I'll circle around inland
3:55 PM @ *471
It's the
A'a again...
4:10 PM near "Stone Walls"
That's a really good circle...
4:10 PM
4:14 PM @ "Stone Walls"
Explain this...
4:38 PM approaching 006
4:40 PM @006
4:44 PM approaching 007
4:47 PM @ 007
I have no idea what the significance of these things are...
So here's the plan:
With this view, you can maybe better see what the layout is.  That's
Mauna Kea in the
background and the shoulder of
Mauna Loa on the extreme left.  For this trip, I left my house
up there near the caldera and drove down to where I started hiking, a 20-mile drive.  You can
clearly see the
pali (the steep cliffs) that I kept taking pictures of.  All that black lava flow that
you see comes from the
Mauna Ulu eruption.
that stupid 20 mph wind!).  Really only stopped for 15 minutes for lunch (a Clif bar).  Was close
to sunset (10 minutes) when I got back to the car so I cut it pretty fine.  (There was still plenty
of daylight left, however, and I was packin' some good lights anyway so I wasn't worried.)