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Photos 8 -
'Apua Point Hike
February 23, 2012
It's been raining for a week and I've been busy so when the sun finally came out, I went for a hike.  This one is at the
bottom of
Chain of Craters Road and goes along the coast toward a couple of camping areas that are supposed to be
pretty good.  They're too far away to reach on a day hike, but I decided to at least check out the trail.  I figured it (and was
right) to be a fairly flat hike so that I would be able to do the estimated 12 mile round trip in an afternoon.
As soon as I opened the car door at "Park", I was hit in the face with a 20-mile-an-hour wind (at least!) that stayed with me
throughout the day.  It was behind me on the way out and in my face on the way back.  Despite being an annoyance, it
helped keep me cool.  The temperature was very comfortable, probably around 70, but the sun was HOT!
This is the sign at the trailhead
<-- @ *009 That's where I'm going
@ *010 Zoomed in -->
12:00 PM
Just starting out, looking back
12:14 PM @ *411
The path ahead...
12:25 PM @ *416
The trail is marked by stone cairns, or
12:42 PM @ *419
The wide-angle lens doesn't do justice to
how impressive that
pali is
Think of red hot lava flowing over the
1:01 PM @ *425
Waaaaay back there are palm trees.  
That's where I'm headed...

Zoom.  See?
(That looks like an A'a lava flow between me
and those trees)
1:32 PM before "Stone Walls"
Here's a panorama of the
1:34 PM @ "Stone Walls"
What this?
1:36 PM
1:38 PM
It's enclosures of some kind...

Some of the walls are as much as 8
feet high...

What are they keeping out/in?

Windbreaks.  Remember, the wind's
been blowing better than 20 mph at my
back since I left the car...
1:41 PM
Going away...

1:42 PM
1:50 PM
A'a!  As far as the eye can see...
(on the map you can see it as the black flow that comes down to the right of *471)
Can't go around it, gotta go through it...
1:51 PM
Fortunately, somebody's been here
before me...
1:54 PM
...and made a good path...
1:58 PM @ *471
Ah, the end of
2:00 PM
2:00 PM
The trail ahead...
2:17 PM @ *022
Getting closer...
2:25 PM
And closer...
2:31 PM
Is that what it looks like?
2:32 PM @ "BM"
"BM" stands for "Bench Mark"
2:38 PM @ *485
It sure looks like...
2:39 PM
2:40 PM @ "Outhouse"
It is!  One of the classiest outdoor
johns I've ever seen!
I'm going to walk over there and sit
under one of those palm trees and eat
some lunch...
2:47 PM @ "Lunch"