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Photos 8 -
Hike Ka'u Desert Trail
January 1, 2012
The neighbors were all blowing off their leftover fireworks from last night so I decided to go for
a ride with no destination in mind.  Somewhere along the way, I decided to check out the
trailhead for the
Ka'u Desert Trail which leads to a number of other really interesting trails far
too long for me!  See below...
Clicking the map will download a pdf file....
This is a fantastic map.
This is my hike, 4 1/2 miles round trip.  I hiked out to where there were footprints in the lava
(more on that later), then proceeded out to a junction of trails (at "Jct") on top of
Mauna Iki, a
lava cone (the black inkspot).
I investigated this formation here...

You can see how a crack opened up
and then the flow concentrated in one
we'd start getting into the area where
the plume from Halema'uma'u Crater

Lots of information on these signs.  
Read it if you're interested...
1:16 AM @ "Park"
Just starting out.  What a nice little trail!
1:20 PM @ *07
A little further along...
1:27 PM @ *15
A look at the trail ahead...
1:33 PM @ *27
It looks like...  a desert!
1:35 PM @ *33
1:36 PM @ *34
This is where the footprints are.  I
stopped here but we'll catch them on
the way back...
1:37 PM just past "Footprints"
I'm just going to the top of
Mauna Iki
where the trail junction is.
1:40 PM
Is this Hawaii or am I lost in the
Southwest someplace?
1:48 PM @ *41
I'm going up there...
1:53 PM @ *42
the roof of the Footprints shelter
1:56 PM @ *48
I don't know what scoured this out,
water or lava. Or wind?
2:10 PM @ *57
Looking back, see the difference
between the black lava I'm on and the
brown desert below.
2:14 PM @ *61
I'm following this nice smooth
"interstate" of lava when I encounter a
barricade and have to turn left...
2:23 PM @ *63
There's the top, and the trail junction...
2:23 PM @ *63
Long zoom on a cone to the northeast
2:24 PM @ "Jct"
My trail tees into a trail that runs to the
left and right of the photo
2:24 PM @ "Jct"
2:25 PM
This is the trail to the left (northeast)
2:25 PM
And the trail to the right (southwest)
2:25 PM
Looking southwest.  You can see the
2:25 PM
Zoomed in a little more westerly.
Nice place...
2:26 PM
Looking northeast
2:26 PM
And looking back the way I came (to
the northwest).  That white spot in the
distance is the shelter of the Footprints.
2:28 PM
Starting back down...
2:44 PM @ *94
Check this out...  It looks like a
collapsed lava tube...
2:44 PM @ *96
I'll follow it up...
2:45 PM @ *98
It leads to a crater...
Note how brittle the lava looks...
You can see this feature in Google
2:46 PM @ *98
I was going to go further but I didn't like
the looks of the terrain...

carefully made my way back to the
marked trail...
3:05 PM @ *104 (same as *48)
Here's that "river" again
The story is that in 1790 Kilauea had
in fine ash.  It also killed some 80
Hawaiians trying to pass by...
over Mauna Iki.  For scale, there's two
people standing over on the far right