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Photos 8 -
Crater Rim Trail
September 9, 2011
Just a quick hike around Kilauea Iki.  Just wanted the exercise.  I posted it here just for the credit!
4.9 mi, 2h30m
10:28 AM
1:22 PM
1:33 PM
Essentially the same view of Kilauea Iki in the foreground, looking west across Byron Ledge at the plume coming out of
Halema'uma'u Crater within the Kilauea Caldera.
Crater Rim Trail
September 25, 2011
Kalapana Hike
December 9, 2011
This was a short (1.8 mi.), quick (1h30m) hike and I'm only including it because of the incredible lava formations I
discovered.  They are similar to the ones I saw on
June 29.  I started out (green line) looking for a way west that would be
out of sight from the HVO across the way.  I soon got distracted by the lava formations.  Unable to find a way through the
trees, I backtracked, thinking to find the original trail.  Instead, I kept veering off to the right (I didn't listen to the GPS) and
found myself back at the road.  I decided the just go back to the car and go home...
12:50 PM @ *129
There's a tree form over there...
There's a couple more over there,
looking like miniature Easter Island
12:53 PM @ 038
Here's a good one.  Looks like an upper part is laying on the ground beside it....
These are tree molds.  The lava flowing around the tree is cooled by the evaporating sap until the tree finally burns away
12:54 PM
They've got this mountain wired!
12:54 @ *143
12:55 @ *143
12:59 PM @ *155
12:57 PM
1:01 PM @ *156
1:07 PM @ *158
Mauna Kea over there...
1:19 PM @ *163
I just can't get through those trees...
1:36 PM @ *168
1:47 PM @ "EQUIP"
Like I said, "wired"...
1:51 PM
What's the sign... Oh, there's a road...
1:52 PM @ *173
Back at the road
I heard that lava was coming down through Royal Gardens and would soon be approaching the ocean.  It was a nice day
so I thought I'd go investigate.  I was all packed and ready to go when I realized that i didn't have a camera!  My camera
had gotten wet once too many times and had been sent in for repair.  So I had to detour to WalMart (white line) to get
myself a camera before heading down to
Kalapana (cyan line).  I drove straight to the very end of the road to see how the
official viewing arrangements were.  Then I drove back around and parked at
Uncle's where I started my hike.
From the information I had at the time, it looked like the ocean entry was going to be quite a ways out there.  I didn't expect
I would make it all the way but I thought I'd test the waters, as it were, and find out what exactly would be involved in hiking
all the way out...  The overlay is to update the image from what Google Earth has got...
Green line out, magenta line back. The cyan line is where I drove earlier to the end of the road.  The county doesn't want
me to hike from there and I can only park in the designated parking area during the authorized hours of 2-8 PM.  At all
other times, the area is closed.  So I have to park at Uncle Robert's Awa Bar and hike the extra 2 miles, going around
everyone's property.  As you can see, I barely made it halfway (3.1 miles in a little over 2 hours).  That's another 3 miles
and another couple of hours.  That meant 6 miles back
in the dark.  No thanks.  I turned back when I did so I'd have plenty
of daylight to get back.  Worked out fine.  I wasn't too tired when I got back and it wasn't even nearly dark...
1:04 PM @ *001
The lava is coming down that hill in the
distance, from right to left, and flowing
toward the ocean, on my left.
1:11 PM @ *003
Some of that's steam and fumes from
the lava and some of it is smoke from
trees burning.
1:23 PM @ *010
I would think those people are keeping
a close eye on what's going on in their
1:26 PM @ *011
I'm headed for that little cliff.  I'll get up
on it and follow the coast.
2:13 PM @ *019
The former Fox Beach
2:28 PM @ *025
A much better view of the path of the
lava through the trees.
2:49 PM @ *035
3:40 PM @ *063
The afternoon light's nice.  It's time to