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Photos 8 -
Photos 8 -
Crater Rim Trail Hike, a sequel
July 6, 2011
Halema'uma'u Trail.  The weather was cool, maybe 65, with a pretty good breeze.  When I started, I was concerned it out
(green line), I purposefully stayed below the ridge because I could see a truck over on Crater Rim Road and didn't want to
be spotted.  After I got back on the trail, that "pretty good breeze" had turned into a full-on WIND!  Coming from the
northeast, across the barren terrain of the volcano, there was nothing to stop it or slow it down.  Except ME!  It was not
quite enough to stagger me but it was relentless.  Everything on me was trying to fly away:  hat, glasses, etc.  I finally gave
up and turned around and came back - I just wasn't having any fun!  But it was a good stiff hike, no stopping, just walking.  
4 miles.  2 hours.
1:22 PM @ *641
Breaking out of the woods...
That's Mauna Loa in the back.  A truly
massive mountain.  It goes like that all
the way to the bottom of the ocean, 3
miles down
1:41 PM @ *647
Notice that the terrain has changed...
You can see where the rainwater
drains - those nice lines of bushes
1:44 PM @ *651
See those rocks scattered around?  
quite possibly from the current
eruption.  One of the reasons this area
is closed off...
Kilauea is one of the most monitored volcanoes in the world.  You'll come across
these stations all over the place.  This antenna appears to be aimed across at
the Hawaii Volcano Observatory next to Jaggar Museum, somewhere behind
that plume.
2:08 @ *667
The path is marked with those cairns.  
and, for some reason, stopped...
2:10 PM @ *683
Here's a bigger flow....
2:10 PM @ *683
This photo is at full resolution (4.5 MB)
If you look really close, you'll see
golden hairs strewn about.  That's
called Pele's Hair and is spun out of
the volcano
The photos don't do it justice.  In real life, the hairlike filaments gleam and sparkle in the sun.  For some reason, the
camera can't catch it...  Any ideas?
<-- 2:12 PM @ *683  Here's the lava flow heading out into the desert.

We're in the lee of the volcano now and so there's very little rain here.  This is the
beginning of the
Ka'u Desert that exists in the rain shadow of the mountain.  The
prevailing winds are from the northeast, which is the other side of the hill, where I
live. I'm essentially at the same elevation here as my house is on the windward
side of the volcano.  Over there, it's a tropical rain forest...
White line, car to Jaggar Museum; cyan line, car to "Park"; green line, hike out; magenta line, hike back
Napau Crater Trail Hike, another sequel (sort of)
July 9, 2011
It was a beautiful day and so I decided to test the Napau Crater Trail again.  I've visited it several times (8/3/08, 11/1/08,
5/22/09).  The 2009 track is shown in blue for reference (6.5 miles each way in a day - what was I thinking?).  Looking at the map,
it looks more direct to go to the left of
Makaopuhi Crater to get to Napau Crater.  So I decided to check it out.  While I was
at it, I thought I'd straighten out some of the curves in the trail.  White line is my route in the car, green line the hike out,
magenta line the hike back.  The red line is a measurement to my house:  4.4 miles.  The hike:  5 miles, 3h 49m.
The problem is that Mauna Ulu is a big cone and it's easier to go around it than over it.  There's also a hill just north of it's
easier to go around it than over it.  There's also a hill just north of straight for the edge of the trees I could see in the
distance.  After resting in a bush, I returned by a different route
Makaopuhi Crater that I'd rather not climb either.  
(magenta line) and picked up the trail partway back.
11:01 AM @ *689
This is a case where the road was built
up to the lava, not that the lava had
overrun the road
11:21 AM @ *694
That's the plume from
over there with
Mauna Loa looming in
the background
11:28 AM @ *695
The tree-covered cone is
.  Mauna Ulu is to the right
of it.
11:30 AM @ *697
A tree mold...
11:31 AM @ "Tree Molds"
The lava flows around a tree, the sap steams out of the tree, cooling the lava,
and then the tree burns away...
11:41 AM @ *701
I think I'll call this photo "Optimism".
11:48 AM @ *703
Waaay over there is
Pu'u O'o.  I want
to go to the left of that hill in the
11:48 AM @ *703
12:03 PM @ *706
Another shot of
Pu'u O'o...  And the
terrain I'm hiking through...
12:33 PM @ *712
Looking back.  I came from right in that
notch between
Mauna Ulu on the left
Pu'u Huluhulu on the right
12:33 PM @ *712
Just to the right of the previous you
can just see the
Halema'uma'u plume.
 All the rest of that is clouds
12:42 PM @ *719
I'm going to take a break when I hit
those trees coming out from the left...
1:30 PM after "Rest"
A look ahead.  I want to go to the left of
that hill.  And look at what I have to
walk through!
1:39 PM @ *725
So I turned around and headed home
2:00 PM @ 727
2:05 PM @ *728
This must have been something to see!
2:06 PM @ *730
A little father "upstream"...
1969-74 eruption of Mauna Ulu.  
This event was well-observed
who are still working for the
Hawaiian Volcano Observatory