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Photos 8 -
Crater Rim Trail & Kilauea Iki Hike
June 18, 2011
Another hike...  This time I parked where Crater Rim Trail crosses Chain of Craters Road.  
Anything west of that is closed off due to fumes from the
Halema'uma'u Crater.  I started at
"Park" and hiked the 2.2 miles to
Thurston lava tube (green line).  I was still feeling frisky so I
decided to take the
Kilauea Iki hike, down into the crater and up the other side, head south
Byron Ledge between the Kilauea Iki crater and the Kilauea Caldera and work my
way back to the car (magenta line, 3.0 mi).
2:18 PM @ *438
The trail...
3:20 PM @ *455
Kilauea Iki crater
Two exposures:  one for the sky, and one for the ground.
There's a bunch of people standing in the middle.
That's Mauna Loa in the background, 13,680 feet above sea level.
3:24 PM @ *458
Lots of people out today
3:48 PM @ *473
On my way out of the crater, looking
4:28 PM @ *488
4:36 PM @ *497
That's the fumes from
with Mauna Loa in the
4:36 PM @ *497
And just to the right is
Mauna Kea in
the distance...
4:52 PM @ *509
Crossing Crater Rim Road, I took a
picture of the barricade keeping
everyone out of the danger area near
Photos 8 -
Kalapana Hike
June 22, 2011
I had to go down to the Seaview house, but as I came down the hill to Kalapana, I couldn't resist going out to see the
damage from all that lava earlier this year.  I wanted to hike the new coastline and then head up to where I used to hike,
now covered in lava.  I hiked out as usual, following the old coast down to Fox Beach.  Soon after that, I found the new
coast at "Coast" (duh!) and followed it down.  I wanted to go farther than I did but something (my body) told me it was time
to "Turn Back" (green line, 3.1 mi).  So I did (magenta line, 3.3 mi).
walking in the middle of a huge warped asphalt parking lot.  Only it's not smooth.  Rarely do you put your foot down at the
same angle and height as the previous step.  More on that later...
I've provided the most recent overlay of the lava flows as of February 4 so you can compare...
11:42 AM @ *510
11:54 AM @ "Sign"
This time they really mean it!
(Different little guy heading in the other direction)
12:03 PM @ *516
Waaaaay at the top of the ridge
there's a little lump
Pu'u O'o, the place where all the
lava was coming from.  The lava's still
in there, but pretty deep right now...
12:11 PM @ *521
I'm going to get up on that little cliff and
follow the left side of it along the coast.
1:31 PM @ *541
Interesting lava flows around those sole surviving bushes.
2:26 PM @ "Pavement"
A piece of pavement!  This is near
where I used to park last year.
2:13 PM @ "Rest"
Shade!  I crawled into these bushes
and rested for 20 minutes...
1:09 PM @ *537
When I said I went along the coast, I
didn't mean
right along the coast.  It
seemed a good idea to walk a little
2:47 PM @ "HSE"
This is how you make a road or
driveway out here:  find a fairly level
stretch of lava and fill it in with cinder
from the volcano...