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Lava Hike w Cathy
November 21, 2010
Our good friend Cathy e-mailed me inquiring after the latest news regarding the lava flows down in Kalapana.  She wanted
to go out tomorrow night to see the lava.  It was a full moon and she hadn't been out since May of 2007.  I answered her
questions, sent her some maps, and volunteered to go with her.  Our intent was to go out in the afternoon while it was still
light so we could scope out the situation and find our spots where we'd set up our tripods.  So we started out at 2:20 in the
afternoon and had plenty of time to get set up.  As you can see, we were quite a way off the old shoreline.  As usual, green
line out, magenta line back.  The yellow line in the right side images indicate where the lava tube is that is feeding this
ocean entry.
2:45 PM @ 004
Here's Cathy.  Isn't she purty?  She
gives good scale to the terrain we're
traveling through.
3:01 PM @ "Up"
This is a disgrace.  Some small-minded
person defacing a beautiful natural
formation.  Don't talk shit about
ownership, this is just plain wrong!
3:58 PM
Just a look back at where we've been.  
The light is really nice this time of day.  
That's Fox Beach in the center of the
4:11 PM @ 006
This is a piece of the old sea cliff.  
Before mid-july, this was the coast
4:14 PM @ 007
I always considered the rust color to be iron oxide (rust).  Is the green copper?
Here are some lava formations for you
taken between 006 and 009.  We
came across them just as we stepped
off the old shoreline onto the new land
as of mid-July.  We are looking back at
what once was the sea cliff that
descended 20 - 30 feet to the ocean.  
Now there's this...
And now for the main attraction.  Correction.  The main attraction starts after they turn the lights out...
4:33 PM
Zoom 3X
4:33 PM
Zoom 8.4X
4:34 PM
Zoom 8.4X
4:42 PM
Zoom 1.4X
5:08 PM
Zoom 1.2X
5:08 PM
Zoom 3X
5:09 PM
Zoom 0.70 (35mm) wide angle
5:18 PM
Zoom 2.5X
5:30 PM
5:31 PM
5:42 PM
5:43 PM
5:47:21 PM
5:47:21 PM
5:50 PM
5:51:34 PM
5:51:35 PM
5:51:37 PM
5:53 PM
5:54:36 PM
5:54:42 PM
5:59 PM
6:05:24 PM
6:05:40 PM
6:07:15 PM
6:07:37 PM
6:08:32 PM
6:08:55 PM
6:09:38 PM
6:09:53 PM
Aren't these amazing?  I wish I'd been
here to see their formation.  It must
have been hot here!
Here's a panorama of the former sea cliff.  This used to be 20 - 30 feet high and we would the
way across.  The left side of the photo is faded because I was shooting right into the sun...