The day before we went swimming with the dolphins, we did a preliminary snorkel in Hookena Bay without the boat.  We had bought a
cheap underwater film camera that we were trying out.  I got these shots of a medium-sized sea turtle - maybe 3 feet across.
The resolution of these images isn't
nearly as good as I can get with my
digital camera.  We had Wal-mart
process the pictures and had them
make up a CD, from which these
pictures were taken.  I'd like to scan
these negatives myself and see if I
can't do better.  We used up the film
this day and didn't have the camera
available the next day when we really
could have used it!
And a mermaid!  (Robin)
This was definitely worth the price of admission.  We drove over to Ray's house to visit our friends, Ray and Ellen.  
First, we went to Hookena Beach and did a little snorkeling.  On Saturday we went out in Ray's 12-foot boat to do some
more snorkeling.  We put the boat in at
Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Park (Poo-oo-ho-noo-a O Ho-now-now)and
snorkeled there in the bay.  Then we cruised down the coast (light blue line) to the
Hookena (Ho-oh-keh-na) Beach
where we did some more snorkeling.  The boat was really cool because it's so small, you're basically sitting right
on the water!  This is what we saw!
*The City of Refuge is where the ancient Hawaiians would run to if they had committed some crime.  As long as they stayed there, they
were immune from prosecution.  If they ever left, they could be punished to the fullest extent of the law.  They could obtain forgiveness for
their crimes by working hard and getting the blessings of the priests.
Robin hot on the trail.  Ellen is just
beyond her.
Ellen's in the lead
Which way did they go?
That way!
No, over there!
That's the
City of Refuge in the background.  
More on that later.
This is what is called a beach on the
Big Island.  Haven't had enough time to
make sand yet!
They're all around us!
We've left the bay at Pu'uhonua O Honaunau,
heading toward
Hookena.  This is the City of
Refuge*.  More on all of that later.  We're busy
with dolphins right now.
Ellen & Ray
How'd you like to live here?
Or here?
Or here?
Hookena - Aloha
Look who's here!
It was at this point I stopped taking pictures and jumped in the water.  It was amazing.  Floating on the surface wearing
snorkel and goggles I could see against the white sand bottom, 15 dolphins (I counted) soaring around in formations of
anywhere from 2 to 5, in perfect sync!  They would swoop near, then zoom off in another direction.  It was absolutely
amazing!  As soon as I got home, I got on the internet to shop for an underwater camera!  More on that later.
On the way out of the bay, headed for home, they said goodbye.  They were almost close enough to touch!  It was an
experience of a lifetime.  Hopefully not, though, because I definitely plan to come back with an underwater camera.  How
about movies?
Back in the bay at Pu'uhonua O Honaunau,
looking at the City of Refuge* again.
Sunset at Ray's house
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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Swimming with the dolphins
Spinner dolphins!  They're smaller
than the bottle-nosed dolphins like
"Flipper", about the size of people.
Robin:  "Which way did they go?  
Which way did they go?"
Look out!  Here they come!
They're everywhere!  All around us, swimming in formation!
I guess that's why they call them
"spinner" dolphins
Friday, April 28, 2006
The day before swimming with the dolphins