We went for a walk to the new Black Sand Beach (yellow line).
Out behind Verna's.  I don't know what
the occasion is.  I count 13 cats.  A
nice lucky number!
Robin on the lava.  You can see the
ocean behind her.
Robin on the lava looking toward the
steam plume.
You find the most interesting shapes and textures in the lava.  Can you imagine this stuff at thousands of  degrees and
flowing red hot?
Nothing special, just a lot of lava.  These are really giant bubbles that have burst.
Make note of this house.  We see it a lot in
the pictures:  the green house with the red
roof.  It will help orient us as we go.
I saw a lot of this "drift wood" lying around and wondered if it was, or if it was from the lava
flow days, some 6 years ago.  I turned over a few of the branches and, sure enough they
were charred on one side:  evidence that they were here when the lava was hot.
This is your typical house that the locals live
in:  small house with a big tarp and lots of
coolers to keep the fish they catch in.  This
house doesn't appear to have any electricity.  
I can see a 5 gallon propane tank for the
stove, and  a blue 5 gallon water jug for
drinking water.
Another local house.  Same thing:  small
house, big tarp, coolers.  Living is very much
outdoors year-round.  Sleeping inside simply
to keep the bugs and the rain off.
We went for another walk on the lava (the whole blue line this time).  We walked out to the
Black Sand Beach where Robin stayed to sunbathe while I went on to explore the band of
trees we could see over by the shoreline.  I walked on the inland (
Mauka) path going out and
walked on the ocean side (
Makai) going back.
Another giant bubble that popped.  
Can you imagine?
I took this from a couple of different angles to get different lighting on it.
Looking inland.  You can see a guy just right
of center on the lava.  He's walking on a
converging course and we'll meet up at the
tree line and chat some.
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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
A walk on the lava at Kaimu-Kalapana
Sunday, April 16, 2006
Another walk on the lava at Kaimu-Kalapana