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Lava Hike (hot!)
December 29, 2009
At it again!  I read on the HVO update page that surface lava flows had reached the bottom of the pali at
Royal Gardens.  I couldn't resist going out to see.  This time, I remembered to upload waypoints from my
2/28/08 hike when I got such great photos of the lava coming down through Royal Gardens.
So off I went.  I got an early start - 9:10 AM and parked my car at 9:30.  I started hiking at 9:50 - I wanted to allow enough
time to get out to wherever the lava might be - near
Royal Gardens someplace - and get back before 3:00 when people
started showing up to get ready for the public opening at 5:00.  Green line out, cyan line for while I was there, and magenta
line for the hike back.  The yellow line indicates where the USGS has determined the lava tube is that feeds the ocean
entry at
Waikupanaha.  The pink areas on the right image indicate recent lava flows while the red area marks where the
most recent flows have been - since the last map on 10/30.
This is just a close-up of the area where I hiked while out there.  While out there I wanted to revisit some of the place I had
been before, just to see the difference:  "
2-28 Sit" where I set up and photographed the lava coming down Royal Ave.
straight at me; "
2-28 Toe" which was the toe of the lava flow at the time; and "2-28 Street" which was where I was able to
walk up onto the streets of
Royals Gardens (see 2/28/08 and 3/2/08).  I got up as far as "2-28 Street" when I found my
way blocked by
A'a lava and what appeared to be new lava (I could hear the ticking sounds of cooling lava).  I decided at
that point to head back down and return to the car.  I first noticed that the new lava flows came down right beside me at
"Hot" when I started seeing small breakouts of hot lava...
9:47 AM
The plume is blowing inland.  Could be a problem...
9:58 AM @ 004
A panoramic view of about 180 degrees from the ocean entry to the
pali, where I'm headed.  
First I'm going to check out that vent of steam at the base of the
10:04 AM @ 005
(the number doesn't show up on the map -
it's the dim flag between 004 and 006)
I'm headed for that...
10:10 AM @ 006
The damned plume is blowing straight
at me!  I don't want to breathe this shit!
10:18 AM @ 007
The wind's shifted a little...
10:27 AM @ Vent
10:28 AM @ Vent
10:29 AM @ Vent
10:30 AM @ Vent
10:30 AM @ Vent
10:37 AM past Vent
A look back
Here's a bunch of pictures at the vent.  It isn't particularly hot here but the fumes aren't pleasant - acrid and stinging - don't
want to breathe them!  The fumes just seem to be coming out of crack in the lava - there's no other evidence that we're
right on top of the lava tube (see the map above).
10:23 @ 008
Approaching the vent...
10:39 AM past Vent
Looking ahead...
11:05 AM @ V15
There's something burning on the hill.  
That's not steam, that's smoke...
11:39 AM @ "2-28 Sit"
This is the view from where I sat on
2/28/09.  Pick the link to see what it looked like back then...
11:40 AM
View of "2-28 Sit"
Ocean entry on the left, visitors' area
on the right.  I hiked out past the vent
Another angle with the ocean at the
bottom, the vent I passed, and the
flows coming down the hill.