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Lava Hike
December 21, 2009
I wasn't sure where I wanted to go today, I just wanted to walk.  So I ended up going out and
following the edge of the new lava flow (green line) and then heading on out to get close to the
lava ocean entry, something I've avoided due to the danger (see
Lava Hike, 12/17)
Here's a closer look relative to Royal Gardens, now almost completely covered with lava (pink area).  After leaving the
parking area, I followed the edge of the new lava flows (red area, starting at "Edge") until I broke off and headed for the
ocean entry at "No Edge" (green line).  After that, I meandered my way back to where the original parking area was ("2-28
Start").  I was then going to head on to
Royal Gardens, but decided that it was too far and too late in the day to make it
out there and back.  So I headed for the only available shade and then looped back to the car, coming in the back way...
The lava tubes feeding the ocean entry are marked in the right image by the dull yellow lines
12:11 PM after "Edge"
The new and the old, where the new
flow (pahoehoe) overtops the old flow
12:12 PM after "Edge"
This is what it looks like at the edge of
the new flow:  old A'a lava on the left
with dead burnt off brush laying along
the edges
12:34 PM after "No Edge"
tubes marked by the rows of steam
vents running diagonally down the hill,
right to left.
1:07 PM @ "Kipuka"
I'm going to take a rest in the shade of
that little clump of vegetation ahead...
1:08 PM @ 015
1:10 PM @ 015
Another look at the
1:12 PM @ 015
For size reference, there's a helicopter
just to the left of the peak of the plume
1:17 PM @ "Nr Cst" (near Coast)
Looking back at the public viewing
area less than 1/2 mile away
1:19 PM @ 018
This was once a river of lava
<-- 1:23 PM @ 021
ground?  Those are PROJECTILES
given off by lava explosions as the hot
See those rocks littered around on the
One of the reasons one mustn't go too
1:29 PM @ 024
The plume with another helicopter...
1:32 PM @ "Pole"
1:34 PM @ "Pole"
I don't know what this is for but it must mark something for the USGS people...
1:41 PM @ "Pole 2"
1:43 PM @ "Pole 2"
1:24 PM @ 022
This mound was built up of debris from lava explosions - note the scattered stones and the
black sand.  The present ocean entry is behind and to the right of the mound.  This is why I
gave the ocean entry a wide berth...
2:37 PM @ 027
I'm really hot and tired.  I'm heading for
that shade!
I was going to head on out to Royal Gardens to see what havoc had been wrought since I had been there last.  But after
resting at "Rest" (2:05 PM), I decided I just didn't have enough gas left to make the journey out and back.  I also like to get
back to the car before 3:00 PM so I can get out of there before people show up to start setting up for the public opening at
5:00.  I'm not supposed to be out there so I like to keep a low profile.  On the way back, my cell phone rang (very weird in
the middle of all that desolation) at "Fone".  It was Robin wondering where I was...