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Lava Hike (continued)
October 31, 2009
12:12 PM
About to enter the
kipuka.  It probably doesn't look like much at first glance but those
branches are stiff and tangled and grab and pluck at clothing, skin, hats, and glasses.  The
ground is uneven and rough.  That
A'a lava you see in the foreground is what it's like
underfoot in the bushes.  The bushes actually make it worse because you can't see the
ground!  Sorry, no pictures, I was busy!
12:53 PM @ 012
At the edge of the trees, there are these lava molds.  The lava flows around the tree and the sap in the tree prevents the
tree from burning immediately.  As the lava hardens, the tree eventually burns away, leaving these holes.
12:57 PM @ 013
Looking back at the Viewing Area
12:58 PM @ 013
The ocean entry is still quite far away, nearly a half a mile.
1:02 PM @ 015
Movie (27.7 MB)
Looking in the other direction...
1:06 PM @ 016
On the way back, I came across this
interesting formation
1:21 @ M20
270 degree panorama
Movie (56.2 MB)
2:37 PM near "N21"
Back in the bush.  Okay, which way do I go now?
2:50 @ 021
Looking back into the kipuka I just came out of.  What  a tangle mess!  I'm heading around to
the right looking for the viewing area.
3:04 PM @ 024
I walked across the top of this ridge but got to the end and couldn't find a way down so I had to
double back around it (see aerial view).  The viewing area is visible on the far right.
The view from the viewing area