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Lava Hike
Back again!  This was a long convoluted hike so I broke it up into pieces to try and make
Doesn't sound like much but a good deal of it was serious bushwhacking (more on that later).  
On my previous hikes, I spent some time picking my way through the thick and tangled brush
and this time I brought my machete along to help...
around and hiked out to the coast (cyan line), attempting to follow the outlines of the new lava flow through the kipuka
(island of vegetation).  The new lava flows are shown in dark red, the previous flows shown in lighter red.  After reaching
the coast, I attempted to go another way back to the car (magenta line) but hot lava and thick underbrush kept veering me I
hiked out to where the "lavafall" was (green line) and tried to get around to it but the terrain was too rough.  I then turned
back to the right until I almost intersected my path out.  By this time, I was so hot and hungry and tired that I turned back
and headed for the edge of the kipuka so I could walk in the open lava fields.  (Quite a switch when walking on the lava
field is the easiest path!)  I then walked the edge of the kipuka around until I could get to the viewing area where I could
take the trail back up to the starting point.
This image uses the Google Earth imagery which is outdated.  See the other images to see where the lava flows are
convoluted.  Both hot lava and brush, as well as terrain, kept me from getting around to the other side.  I finally gave up
thrashing through the bushes.  I hiked over some rather hot lava to 009.  I couldn't get any further so I turned back around
and made my way to the coast...
10:15 AM @ "E O R"
I hung out and talked with the guy you
can see on the left.  The "Lavafall" is
Just some shots while I'm talking with Bob
At first, it didn't look like much was
happening but Bob was watching this
Movie (28.3 MB) -->
10:40 AM @ 007
The "Lavafall" with benefit of the
telephoto lens
10:43 AM @ 007
maybe I'll walk over to the "Lavafall"
10:43 AM @ 007
Same shot, zoomed in
Maybe not...
Thrashing around in the bushes, I took these shots...
11:22 AM @ "Burrs"
I got these all over my pants, shirt,
boots, and socks.  I stopped here to
rest and pick all these guys off me
11:54 AM @ 009
Some more of that sneaky lava.  It looks fine but on closer inspection....
12:01 PM @ "Junk"
The remains of someone's house.
So we know that lava doesn't melt
Here are my paths to the coast (cyan) and back again (magenta), with and without overlays.  The points marked "New" and
broke out of the brush into the clear of the lava field.  Numbered points are where I took pictures...
12:08 PM @ 011
A wide panoramic view showing the kipuka I'm about to enter on the left all the way around to the "Booth" area.  The silvery
lava is new and hot.  I'll be going to the left of it...  It's hot out here!