Today we decided late in the day to head up Mauna Loa.  We didn't leave until around 3:00 in the afternoon which
meant time was limited.  As it was, we didn't have enough time to fully explore.  We drove up the road indicated by the
yellow line.  The pink line is yet to be explored.  The road went past where we ended but we didn't have enough daylight
left to continue.  Mauna Loa is a very long, wide mountain which is only 116 feet shorter than Mauna Kea.  It is so long
and wide it's hard to see it as a mountain even though, mass-wise it is the largest volcano on earth and makes up 50.5%
of the Big Island.  Keep in mind, this is an
active volcano.
Here's the beginning of the road to Mauna Loa.  That's the mountain in the
background.  As you can see it hardly looks like a mountain.
That's our old friend Mauna Kea
across the way
I don't know what this is
Here's a nice example of the different
lavas.  The crumbly looking stuff is
A'a and the smooth flowy stuff is
This mountain is the Kohala Peninsula
in the Northwest corner of the Big
Island.  You can see the faint line of
coastline below
Mauna Kea
You can see the road zig-zagging to
the top
What on earth is this?
Or maybe the moon
End of the line.  The road is gated.  
What are they doing up there?  This is
not the top.
The road continues on but it was
starting to get dark and we didn't want
to get caught on the side of an active
volcano in the middle of the night
For those of you who can't read the
sign in the other picture
The road back down
Saturday, April 8
Mauna Loa
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