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Explore South Point
September 28, 2009
On the way home from Ray & Ellen's (white line) we fell victim to the "I wonder where this goes" disease.  Approaching
Na'alehu, there was this road that we always went by whenever we took this route and I said to Robin, "Do you mind if we
take this turn?".  So we did (green line).  I used the map on my GPS to navigate with as we explored a neighborhood we
didn't even know was there.  We were looking for another way down to the coast besides the South Point road.  We finally
found one thanks to the GPS (cyan line).  This was a 4 WD road that headed in the direction we wanted to go in...
The last time we were at South Point was March 17, 2006 (see
page 6 for photos).
At round 12:14 at 003, the road sort of  deteriorated and disappeared.  Robin got out and walked while I stopped the car
and got out to scout ahead.  The road continued so I climbed back in and followed Robin...
About halfway between "003" and
"Crater", there was this big metal thing.
 I don't know what it is or how it got
there, but there it is, probably 20 feet
At "Crater" we came upon this Stonehenge-like formation...
It was a crater...
We spent some time walking around and looking at the scenery.  Looks pretty desolate doesn't it?  Not much rainfall in
these parts.  There was a very strong wind blowing - nothing to slow it down and it was really, really hot!  But that ocean
sure looks nice and blue...
We stopped at the spot marked "Water" where Robin did some serious seashell hunting and we both got wet...
<-- Robin getting wet

Green sand under the water -->
There was this deposit that looked like
cement but I think it was actually
compacted sand
And, on the top of one of the rocks we had a ready-made salt shaker.  The
Hawaiians used to get their salt this way.  We took some home with us...