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Visit Ray & Ellen
September 27, 2009
On Saturday, 9/26, after running some errands (white line, cyan line), I went up to where
Robin's staying in Volcano Village (magenta line).  We went out to dinner and stopped off at
Jaggar Museum in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (green line) just to check and make sure
everything was OK with the volcano.
Here's an illustration of the size of the crater in Halema'uma'u.  It was rainy an misty and dark
when we were there and I couldn't get a good picture of the caldera.  For a good daytime view
see the bottom of
page 110.
It was still rainy and chilly on Sunday, so we decided to go visit Ray and Ellen and see if we
couldn't find some sunshine over on the Kona side of the island.  Ray and Ellen were already
going out in the boat so we decided to meet them at
Pu'uhonua O Honaunau where they put
the boat in.
Here they come!  They have to go really slow and watch for rocks and reef and snorkelers.  That's the City of Refuge in
the background (see
page 28).
Once they were in, they tried to decide where they wanted to anchor the boat while we swam.  Robin went out to help
them.  I jumped in to "help".  We floated around awhile and talked and caught up on news.  It was very breezy and the
anchor wouldn't hold on the sandy bottom so Robin and Ellen held the boat while Ray went to get the truck.
After about a half hour or 45 minutes, still no sign of Ray.  Ellen went to find him.  Then I got in my car and went to find him.
 He couldn't get his truck started.  Finally, after much messing around, he got it started and we were able to go get the boat
out of the water.
Just outside of Honaunau, the truck stalled and wouldn't start.  Ray and I went back to his house (11.5 miles) and got
another truck.  (Ray's a contractor so he's got three trucks.)  Then we went back down to Honaunau and hooked the
second truck up to the stalled one.  I drove the lead truck and towed the stalled truck with the trailer still attached while
Ray steered the back truck.  No power steering and no power brakes.  Ray's stronger than I am so he got to do that one!
 We finally got back to Ray's house successfully.