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Lava Hike
September 12, 2009
Emboldened by my hike to Royal Gardens on 9/5, I decided to take a quick hike out the now
lava-covered road to where I used to park to do my lava hikes before they closed the road on
In this view, I'm showing my hike today (green out, magenta back), my hike of 9/5 (faded blue
out, faded orange back), and my hike of
2/28/08 (blue out, faded pink back).
Here I show my route out and back.  The Google Earth image is somewhat older (you can actually see the parking area)
than when I took today's hike so I added the overlay that shows the most recent extent of the lava flows (pink area).  The
yellow line indicates where the lava tube is supposed to be.  A lava tube is a river of lava that has crusted over so that the
lava stays hot and flows underground.  Sometimes these lava tubes collapse...
This is the "booth" at the head of the trail down to the viewing area.  Notice the hand-lettered "ALOHA" sign that basically
says you can't see anything!  I'll be going down the road to the right of the container of the left-most photo.
Views of EOR (End Of Road)
3/20 and 3/21/08 for day and
night views of this flow as it happened
Up on the lava, looking back
11:33 @ 004
(ridge) that slopes up to
Royal Gardens is on the right.  Royal Gardens is off the right edge of
the picture.
11:48 @ "1st Hse"
Here's a view in other direction, looking up at
Royal Gardens
11:36 @ 006
Royal Gardens
There's that house I saw on 9/5.  I was going to walk out to it but the heat waves discouraged me.  My feet also started to
get hot ("Heat") and I knew I was near the lava tube.  It thought it best to turn back...
11:58 @ 010
Almost high noon.  It's hot out here!  I decided to head toward those two palm trees and find some shade.  It turned out that
the brush was essentially impenetrable so I finally just flopped down in the bushes at "Rest".  After I cooled down, I followed
the edge of the lava flow back to the road.