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Royal Gardens hike continued
September 5, 2009
2:44 PM @ "Pan Pix"
2:45 PM @ "Pan Pix"
2:46 PM @ "Shade"
My little campsite.
I spent a little over an hour in the shade.  I
spread out an air mattress but didn't have
the energy to blow the sucker up! I had
some lunch, took some pictures, and lay
there cooling off.
3:40 PM @ "Strt"
<-- 3:40 PM @ "Strt"

What it looked like on 2/28/08 -->
really changed much).  The arrow
shows where the crossroads (X Rd) is
<-- 3:43 PM @ "X Rd"
You can just see a piece of the street
above the lava in the foreground,
between the vegetation and in front of
the lava in the distance

What it looked like on 7/16/06 -->
3:46 PM @ 015
3:47 PM @ Street
Boy does it feel good to walk on flat
3:48 PM @ 016
3:52 PM @ A'a
3:54 PM @ "King & Orchid 100 ft."
"clinkers".  They are very light (lots of
air pockets) and they slip and roll
easily.  You have to be very, very This
is A'a.  This stuff is known as careful
walking on this stuff or you could take
a nasty fall!  This stuff is sharp!
4:04 PM @ 017
I cut down the hill to get to where I sat
on 3/2 but I was confronted with a wall
of A'a that I was no way going to climb
4:23 PM @ "3-2 Sit 60 Ft"
The place where I sat on 3/2 and took
some amazing pictures of the hillside
on fire is 60 feet away...
4:28 PM between "3-2 Sit 60 Ft" and 019
And this is what it looked like on 2/28
4:34 PM @ 019
I noticed this big white dot...
4:36 PM @ 020
There's that house again...
4:37 PM @ 020
Two dots, left and right...
4:39 PM
3 dots
4:42 PM
Middle dot
4:45 PM
End dot
4:45 PM
End dot.  Dots on both sides...
Somebody's marking a trail...
4:47 PM, just after "End Dot Pic"
I'm  headed to the right of the last
house on the right (the white spot in
4:47 PM, just after "End Dot Pic"
<-- 4:52 PM
I can't image that anybody's living in
that house - the county wouldn't let
5:28 PM @ 024 -->
6:13 @ 025
That's the visitor's area that I've marked "Main Road" on the map.  As you can see
from my track (the magenta line)  I'm swinging wide around it so they don't give me
any shit for being out here.
6:18 PM @ 026
A last look back
break, and 3.9 miles back in 3.5 hr.  A total of 7 miles in 7.5 hr.  A nice little walk!